“A self propelled wheel”

Life is like a wheel it start spinning when we are born, with passage of time, spun it sometimes a little faster , when we are happy, in peace and calm, satisfied and extraordinarily comforted by everyone around us 


by accomplishments and achievements, having a good self-esteem.

As “Maslow” put in his hierarchy of needs at the top self actualization, we realize our self what we have is of greatest importance, but meanwhile the wheel turns slow, sometimes more faster that we are enable to keep a hold on it

Maslows_Hierarchy_of_NeedsIt is when we are in difficult situation,in anguish and severe pain, full of miserable sorrows of life, we are unable to suck out all the marrows of life and live with mighty, not with in our realms among the false society judged by their prejudice, incapability to understand us.

So we could share our sorrows, console us, help us, yet we pity our self’s we beg for acceptance of others to let them control us the wheel of life, which in truth is only moving by our own whims, for us alone, no one else could stop it, or keep its speed steady when its too fast when it slows down so much as to give it a push.

The wheels are our own thoughts which existbecause we exist we are the ones who makes it move, not others

Than why we look on others with tenderness and sought for external sources? when the very core of its dogma force is intrinsic as “Alderfer” put it in his two factor theory, don’t let other to fool you, yo manipulate you, its your wheel only you can can control it, that is your life, stop caring what other people think of us, what they want us to do? when er are down,seek withing yourself you will know the force moving


The wheels are actually the soul ,which makes the body to act, the body acts as its commanded by the thoughts which are in return formed by impression of our world,, we live in, be a self propelled wheel as the great “German philosopher Nietzsche” wrote, as the American transcendentalist “Henry David Thoreau“wrote in “Walden” about self-reliance to live simply one needs and live with simplicity, in near future that same will which moves the wheel weekend and make it shudder, trembles and sooner it will  be perhaps mortal, it shivers ecstatically and stopped eventually then the sordid, off which we proclaimed death.

So coarsely with sordid expressions, so you are going to die alone, it means all the suffering and pain, the joys and happiness we endure has to be experienced by us alone,

The true happiness lies with death whose gonna die with you?


No one , you will be in extreme loneliness in your grave covered with mighty darkness , in order to illuminate it, be the light , know the truth and live like a king. your a Dead men already while living with compromises , living so dear and real when one lives for ones own sake.

To illustrate:

Life would be more fascinating only when one knows himself, his desires,needs and the independent thoughts free from imposed opinions of folks living around you, make followers but don’t follow. on giving others one would truly invest in one condition if he knows  what to give?

And that could only be by knowing one’s own self, one’s own true meaning of existence as the great philosopher of all time “Socrates” says “know thyself”


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