How do I describe Myself? well! lets give it a try


Who am I?

I still don’t know who I am really! but what I’m sure about is that I’m a product of literature. The books essentially made me, helps me to discover my passions and meaning to life as an individual I have every right to express or say anything I want to, and my complexities have made me a complete book-star and a writing maniac. I cannot imagine my life without writing and reading books that I love and these are the most important things in my life. I would highlight reading as the most important mind’s exercise and part of a healthy human activity in one’s life. Alright now, I can actually describe myself in just one word as an “Art” Now, one might wonders why? well I’m going to explain this below.



Well that is a real question I don’t think I could answer It but what I think is this:

Art is a meaning to life! At least that is what I believe after finishing the longest novel in the world by “Marcel Proust” which explains how little things can make a huge difference. When in our daily life’s we neglect things like a pure aesthetic pleasure we get from a cup of tea or coffee. Art is mere imitation of the world. To understand and appreciate it.


What It takes to be a writer?

Trust me nobody chooses to become a writer but one becomes due to some unknown reason. It demands a lot. The worst of all is to live alone. Obviously, you must write and you have to spend your time alone. It is terrible to be alone in my experience. We are social beings in nature. But we the writers must develop such tendency as it later on becomes a blessing. It is then not wrong to say that Solitude is the best companion. Being a writer takes consistency, commitment and a lot of discipline in order not lose relations with people.


My Life as an Artist:

There are time’s in one’s life when he feels he ought to do more than he is doing, it is when he discovers himself and all the hidden creative potential within him. I was never good at anything which is whatever I tried to do all my life I failed miserably whether in studies or in relations with people and family. I Firmly believe in self-education that is why I have no love for any prestigious institution. Your life is not your CV Or Degree that you might feel proud, nor the jobs or money it is to know yourself and be the best version of yourself by finding your own inner talents. As “Picasso” says “Every child is born as an artist”. so that is why I wanted more and so I find my path as an artist when I was reading books and writing the journals. I knew I have always been a complex human being it was these artistic temperaments and I now realize after living alone most of the time. To tell the truth! My best friends died 200 years ago some thousands of years ago. I’m talking about writers like “Tolstoy”,” Dickens, Dostoevsky and Plato etc. Solitude has always been my best companion. As I started writing I wrote about 12 short stories within a month and all were rejected unfortunately! So I have more unfinished stories than friends. now I started a blog, created a website to promote my writings and also working on a Novel as well as struggling to get published.

  • My mission as a blogger

“True uninhibited expression of oneself as a human being we exist and have every right to feel or say anything without any fear or prejudice.To promote humanity and freedom of expression”

“A portfolio and a personal blog to promote my writings and the urge to express myself as truly as I’m and also a message to all the individuals who feels the same and won’t reveal their right to express themselves as freely as they can. it is for them to break the chains that is the goal here“.




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