Happy New Year! 2018 Finally let’s make a promise that this new year we all bring some new better versions of Our self’s.

2017 is almost gone now: this is the last hour, Aha! perfect time to celebrate.

So, This year is passing away, almost a few hours left for the new year to start. New year generally brings new hopes that we may became a better person, avoid failures be more successful in every aspect of life. This is what the world tell us. According to “ Friedrich Nietzsche”  The conception of a “Genius” is as he explains, is something like this “What does the environment matter to the genius? what does the Time matters? for age is younger and weak but the individual is always older and stronger which could be ahead from his age. I’m not saying be the Ubermench “superman” of Nietzsche. Just clarifying my point as the we should always be in high self-esteem for the world exist for us and there will be a time, when we will get what we really wanted in life if we haven’t got that this year, lets hope for it next year with lots of enthusiasm.

What I Learn from 2017:

Ah, well! I made many new friends and lost many over the year. Some people came and some gone. This is what life is? Nothing is guaranteed we should never expect anything from anyone, I learn this that for those those who leave you and lost all contact still lives happily and move on. like the famous proverb “This is what we need “Openness” I have a tendency I cannot spend more time with a single person, I feel like I Lose my freedom if I engage myself to anyone for a longer time. We need to go just with the flow

Pieter Bruegel the Elder was the most significant artist of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting. below this the masterpiece of one his paintings which describes as Life moves on. people come and go. if you see it more vividly, there is a man with a plough busy in working, a ship is on sea, a Shepard busy in his work too, while the fisher man busy in fishing, and the most appalling thing here is in the water, you will see a man drowning. His legs are visible just above the water.


What does this Art represents? It shows that years will pass-by but the world will be the same, even if your dead nobody cares, while we worry about our failures and poor relations with others. Trust me non of it matters at the end. This work of Art is our redeemer from these infliction and I also read some where that “Caring makes you weak if they know you care they ill walk over you” just as another famous proverb is “No plough stops for the dying man”

So, live your life without any regret or without fear what other people think, let them say what they want to say. life is already too short. So, lets live it happily and calmly. This promise is what I made with myself before the new year starts.

  • Some of the best days of this year for me! My achievements this year

One of the best day in this year was in the University when I won the second prize in “Brand ad war” competition. I won all this solely on my own talent. A spectacular presentation kind a rap performance on stage. What I had in my mind was to be different and i Risked and it works, if you trust yourself you can do anything.

I remember my presentation was the last one. Whole auditorium was filled with people who were bored with same presentations and their ads Oh! some spend thousand of Rupees on them. and here I was the only one who spent only 20 Rupees on a printing paper and make an ad.

Here is the link to the ad

The second and most important was I wanted to be a writer so I was facing some problems in buying a laptop I dint have much money to buy one. So I applied for “Hec Laptop scheme” in Pakistan, which awards free laptop to deserving individuals and this laptop from which I wrote this blog helps me with my writing.

As soon as I had a laptop! I write about 2000 words daily and finished writing over 50000 words in a few weeks and wrote about 12 short stores and one unfinished Novel. This was the best motivation. I was finally doing what I love to do. This was my passion since I was a kid. And I remember I had my final exams in the morning last semester and I was writing my stories in middle of the night.

 What will 2018 bring?

Hey happy new year! Soon enough we all will receive such greetings from our friends and family. I wish by the way we all could see the future? Which is not possible so why don’t we make a promise to our self before 2018 starts? Only if we agree to be more passionate and truthful to our own self.

 Does this time really exist? What if we could go back in time and change the past?

I wrote two short stories on time travelling. I’m kind of obsesses with time travel. so everybody thinks or imagine once in a life time, if he could travel back in time and change his past right?

why don’t you share with me what is that you want to change in your life? if I gave you the Time machine to travel where would you go first?


Warm greetings 2018 and  a happy new year  to all of you. stay blessed

Love you all.


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