They talk to me of Nationality, Religion and Language. I shall try to run by those names. How to Identify yourself as free Human-being.


Somewhere in the town a fine young man was living, who had a smooth, slim handsome face, his eyes were intense and had a curiosity to know more about the game he was playing called Life.

He yearns for more, his souls pleads for a new identity, he wanted to create himself anew. It would not be wrong to say that he wanted to be born again, free form all the chains he was tied in like the family, the religion, the language the country and even himself.

He has been discovering himself for almost 20 years. He had always been a rebellious child and he finally creates the life out of life that he was blessed with and now he was no longer under the control of his masters the so called organized institutions such as the government, schools and Religious and political organizations.


The Art of expressing oneself: 

I was born in a Muslim family and even though living in a third world country where expressing yourself was almost like risking your own life. well! I’m a progressive Muslim and I have seen around me the madness and the worst kind of extremism which I want to fight openly and promote humanity. That is why I never took things for granted. While being aware of the blasmphey claims , hate speech. Having no freedom of speech and war  hysteria.

For me life was never so linear as the world had told me. It was rather organic and unpredictable. Literature was my Liberator since I was a kid. Reading books of the greatest thinkers makes me a logical and gives me the ability to think rationally about any particular scenario, reasoning and questioning even the slightest things which creates doubts for me as critical person. Who do actually thinks and never conform or go under the influences of environment or people. The extreme level of nationalism leads to facisim that is what I have learned from my experience and study.

This type of community which actually destroys the Individual. The institutions and the whole system make us such gregarious creatures and thoughtless beings, where we choose acceptance but not the truth. That is why I say, no longer to be undermined by the social stigma. It is the time that I shall disobey whatever I have been taught to obey. I’m not part of any state’s propaganda or label myself with any institution on the face of the earth, I’m a global citizen and my nationality is the whole world. I shall now declare myself a free Man.

How do the School’s and University’s destroyed my Individuality?

To be very honest I have always hated school and which is why I don’t believe in Institutions and in standardized systems. They have failed greatly to govern human beings on their artistic merits. The so called testing and memorizing system has always pissed me off, still I’m pursuing a degree and I have seen some of my fellow students who get good grades by cheating in exams or by buying off the professors. When these kind of people go into the market they are the ones who remain unemployed. I couldn’t express myself in class room because of the certain rules that are set aside, such stupid courses that I have already covered through the books I read years ago. As “Friedrich Nietzsche” wrote for those kind of University Professors who support tradition and standardized systems that “Teacher a Necessary Evil”.


History is filled with such cases. look what happens to the high achievers Einstein who was called mentally misfit, H.G wells never went to school, Newton opposes the institutions, Galileo was accused by church, Socrates was sentenced to death, Steve Jobs was a drop out so is bill gates and there are many more like these.

Why do I blame educational institutions so much watch the video below: 

“I intently believe in self-Education only” 

Ken Robinson is an educationist and a public speaker, I highly recommend to watch his videos and also to read his book specially “Finding your Element” hope you Enjoy the video

After all I’m only human:

On the path of discovering myself, I first lost myself in the bottomless abyss. I have been delirious and in extreme sorrows and despair. The long terrible night that I used to stay awake. my parents put me in the jeopardy by not letting express myself as freely as I wanted to be when I was a kid back then.

Now that I have known who I’m, I’m sober and calm and happy with being myself. I don’t really care how the world define me, cause I know who I am and this is what matters in one’s life, to seek the truth and then fight for it, and live with it.



“Know Thyself” as is the famous saying.

The purpose of sharing my story with all of you is to let you know. It is your birth right to express yourself as truly as you are. And “An un-examined life is not worth living said Socrates once”. So I Encourage you to be yourself and express yourself as you are, I just want from my writings to do some good to humanity and by reading this your already doing that.


Thankyo 🙂

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