My Immortal Sin! The First Great Sin of Mankind still pursue’s me in my Dreams.

The monstrous whisperer came towards me by night through the winding darkness of sleep, his treacherous face transfigured by lecherous cunning, his eyes red with humiliating sense of transgression looked at me with a brutish joy  and said mockingly “Oh! my lovely young fellow for you have sinned again, for you complete me”, his doleful shades and deceitful whisper’s filled me with wickedness and suddenly he Laughed, ha ha ha! “You O sinner” Cried “Satan” and I are like the Sun and the Moon, for I gave you the light from the invisible darkness in which God has put you in”.


“Welcome to the devil’s party, you little devil” he paused with a baleful eyes still staring at me with pride and the sweetness of the sin summon my physical being, my blood was revolting. So, I disobey my conscience and I sinned again unwittingly, giving him my consent and he tricked me like he tricked Eve in his energized jealousy and vengeance still anew.


I was numbed and my mournful eyes looked around the surroundings, his eyes were to verify, threatening and menacing for Adam and Eve which he depicted in me by his inflexible arrogance and definite abhorrence still alive.




And guilty of my crime with outrageous hate, I thrust into my soul in the gloomy hours of cold, sinful night. With a profound air of disguise and suffering torture without end. I finally Confess disdainfully:

“My reign of sorrows are inevitable and I’m forever cursed for this immortal sin, which I have not committed but my forefathers fathers.

In the Garden of Eden, This Lust that the serpent whisper in their minds was the only sweet sin ever committed.

What If the Man had never fallen, all these sufferings and miseries of life would cast off forever.

How lovely that would be, If I was never born. As I was never asked before getting into this cruel world? Why would I answer while leaving it? because of the Sin I haven’t commit . Ah, How happy I would have been then if I was never born at all.




My sufferings are part of that immortality that I still break the moral code and dwell under my own bad conscience where I’m unable to differentiate between right and wrong.

My senses are deranged and forever under the spell of the serpent Oh! the dark lord, the fallen angel that once used to be God’s favorite, now he has became my favorite that I Listen to his whispers more intensely even more than Adam and Eve.

My anxiety is murdering me, keeping awake in middle of the night, I sinned again and  again and I’m fallen even below the earth’s darkest corners of despair.

Oh! Where is my Messiah, my Savoir!

I’m surely in the devils party,

who is going to redeem my poor wretched soul?


Oh! Noor-e-Muhammad, I need you the most in these great infliction’s completely waste and wild”. For whom this world was made, Oh! God”s favorite Messenger and my beloved prophet I asked for your blessings. In the name of God. ‘Save my poor soul’.




Stay blessed everyone



4 thoughts on “My Immortal Sin! The First Great Sin of Mankind still pursue’s me in my Dreams.

  1. This post reminds me of a book, made into a movie called Fallen. It kind of answers your anxiety. We are the fallen ones. Because we did not oppose or favor Allah after the tension created by lucifer. So, fallen on earth to make our choices. come to a decision before The Final Day. Maybe because we existed as atoms than. Maybe our souls are a witness of what happened in the Garden of Eden. That is why we dream of satin. and probably that is why Allah expects us to answer when we are questioned. You had a thought provoking post so i felt the urge to comment. Well done!

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    1. You clearly understand all, so glad to know all of your views. Thankyo so much for your kind words. Much obliged, and thanks for sharing the movie “Fallen” I will definitely watch this. may Allah bless you more 🙂

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