How Our Universities are destroying Education! Students are no longer the products for Market needs! Revolutionizing the Education System.

The Aim of the University is to produce students as a product for the needs of the markets as prescribed by the industrialized world, to hunt jobs and to earn money which is against all human principalities. They do not train students as humans beings with emotions and values but as “Job hunters” for some mediocre purpose and never gave them freedom to discover their inner talents and pursue their dreams as their careers.



When I was in school, I used to imagine that colleges have more freedom and fun in learning. We don’t need any uniform or strict curriculum to follow. There would be freedom while studying, choosing to attend the lecture or just leaving it when one wants to.

So when I was in college all my hopes were fruitless and it was the opposite as I expected but the worst of all was when I got into the university. And this was the mistake I regret to this moment which seduces me to blog about it.

“In 1920 H.G. Wells wrote, ‘History is becoming more and more a race between education and catastrophe.’

I think he got it right. Nothing is more important to the future of the Pakistan and the world than the breadth and effectiveness of education, especially of higher education.

What has University life taught me?

Its been two years while I’ m pursing a degree in the university, It was the worst decision I made, at this moment I’m Stucked in the middle and under the debt to my parents for providing me the money to study. I cannot do any particular job, the University work load is enough to make me weary and the timing didn’t just match.

where as I’m highly disappointed at the professors which don’t really nurture the individuals and inspire them to discover themselves, the freedom to express one’s point of view  but destroy them, students loose their confidence and ability they have before because teacher’s simply lay out the curriculum and follow the same old traditional ways of testing and memorizing and the examinations are all the same which I have been doing from school life which makes my life more miserable.


Standardization of the education system. 

One forgets what one memorize for a specific purpose like passing an exam. The information we store in our brains very soon faded out. And like I don’t remember what I studied in my matriculation that is too far away, I wont even remember what I study last semester.


Conventional way of providing students a scary plain white sheet for answering and a question paper, we simply memorize some portion which the teacher has been delivering us in the lecture and filled it with it. Its whole purpose was to pass the exam, no higher purpose like its use in one’s practical life.

The cheaters specially disappoints me the most, if I study day and night preparing for the exams and I see the dumbest people cheating and then getting better grades than me, which usually happens all the time around me really pisses me off.

“I cannot take this anymore, the purpose of writing this blog is to raise my voice against this conventional, superficial education system we have in our country”.


How universities destroy public education:

This semester I have two worst teachers I wish if I could name them, which were on contract, they were a mediocrity and a shame on being as a teacher for me, I want to write their names on a glass and smash them in the gutter. they are the disgrace on earth.

I mean I’m outrageous cause they never come in class in time, never give a lecture worth sharing, their life have been a miserable one, they are failures and they failed to teach us anything at all.

So, Increase the reliance on part-time faculty members and one-year contracts to teach most courses. Those faculty members are more vulnerable and amenable to administrative control.

public universities are relegated to second-rate status with inferior facilities and loads of part-time faculty members, and will forever have a negative stigma placed on them relative to private universities.

Not promoting Humanities I Ask why not?

Areas to show that you are in tune with the demands of the new “knowledge economy” and will no longer tolerate puffy and useless subjects like history or literature. If students are interested in those subjects, they can do Civil War re-enactments or join a book club. Such areas are superfluous in the new, pragmatic age of economic determinism and global competition.

Self education is the real education:

Self education is true education. I firmly believe in self education, information is available everywhere nowadays and comforting ways to understand it, rich sources better than the narrow lectures which some of the university professor”s are providing in class rooms. I mean some teachers are great and are inspiration. But according to those few of them, The grades are the stocks that every one can buy and they have a price tag on them all you need is some money to spend on them and get A+ as many of my classmates are doing this which pisses me off to wrote it all down here.


Revolutionizing the education system

I believe if a person has an aim to do something, then he can do it as long as he has the will. So, I have suffered the most because of these narrow educational institutions and this was the reason I was never good at studies back then.

I don’t believe in any institution, this degree has no real worth for me. I’m just doing for social acceptance or because of my parents whims.

Here is the only Sane man on earth speaking the truth about the education’s death valley its  a must watch!


If I had a single opportunity to drop out of the University I wont think about it twice. I will do it and I will Educate myself intently happily. I don’t need these institutions to tell me how to get an education, I mean common we are living in 21st century.


Here’s one of my Mentor’s famous saying.




Thankyo for the read 🙂


4 thoughts on “How Our Universities are destroying Education! Students are no longer the products for Market needs! Revolutionizing the Education System.

    1. haha! why a part of you agrees? and thanks really for the read! and humanities are neglected as unimportant subjects but they are the most important for emotional intelligence.


  1. When i said a part of me agrees. I meant to agree that we don’t get to make our choices. Not entirely. But if its actually what we want, we can make our way like a stubborn kid. As a human we are interested in human (psychology), learning a new language, (English), persuasively sharing our thoughts (mass communication). And all this is far more interesting than engineering or medical. But we end up doing it anyway. watching videos psychology related, reading books on our own, making an own blog after studying SEO :p Its engineering and medical which we don’t seem to take interest in so we won’t reach out for it on internet. So its fine that we are forced to study it or we study it under some obligations by parents. Well this all is what i conclude now. Few years back i thought exactly what you just wrote. So i respect history and humanities as a subject. They are probably with “The Knowledge” but to me its often equivalent to someone who read books, with trimmed edges.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I must I’m delighted to read your comment. you really narrowed it down, how do you do that? its all about knowing what really interest’s an individual, we do passionately what we love. and thankyo for consideration and your broad point of views and understanding.

      Liked by 1 person

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