Socratic Tea! My Dead friend came to life and had a cup of tea with me. How l overcome the Fear of Death while listening to his talks.


             Death, so called, is a thing

            which makes men weep,

         and yes a third of life is passed in sleep.

Lord Byron


January 3rd, 2018.

I had rough day in the University and was not feeling well! I wanted to go somewhere  to spend some quality time and talk about other things than the politics and everyday gossips. I wanted something simple and beautiful to think about like life and it’s weariness, the truth, as how one should live. Even more Importantly on achieving fulfillment for one’s soul in the spectrum of life and death.


As soon as I reach near ‘kharia” city, while riding on a motor bike in the frosty night, my legs were almost shivering and hands freezing, my mouth was dry, I wanted to drink tea or coffee, just to relax my self of all the anxiety I was in due to the workload and tensions I have during the day.



I wish if there would have been such a cafe nearby, I would love to go there and talk about Socrates and his legacy.


There is a famous restaurant called as “Mian Jee” which is located near kharia and I was just crossing Lala Musa, when the idea just popped into my head to pull over and have a nice warm cup of tea. I supported the idea because at the same moment, it just occurred to me that I had a copy of Plato’s dialogue “Phaedo” in my bag. So, I Intently wanted to re-read it with pleasure.

As I walked inside the hotel wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and a sneaker while holding a backpack enter’s into the lounge, there were some desperate glances at me first from the waiter’s then the gentlemen sitting at their tables.


I’m pretty sure that’s how a student look like nowadays. So, the place was filled with enormous hustle and bustle, chatters floating in the air, food was being served, a perfect atmosphere and the aroma of the tasty dinner being cooked specially the BBQ.

I settled myself at the corner of the table. A shabby old man wearing a dull grey sweater came to me with a weird look on his face and asked, “Are you all by yourself?  What can I get you”?

I  was feeling awkward as it was not common for people to come up in the cold night just to drink a cup of tea specially alone.

“YES”,  I replied.

And added “I just need a big cup of tea and add some extra milk, boil it for some more seconds than usual, he nodded and went away smilingly.



In winter you’re not a true Pakistani, if you don’t drink  chai or dhoodh patti (forms of tea), that’s our cultural norm. we drink along with our friends and family. It has its own significant value and bondage among the people. 

Reading “phaedo”

So I mind my own business, I open the book and as I started reading the names of the people in the dialogue, calm and peace run through my body,  I was never really alone, for books are your truest friends, aren’t they?

After a pause, I took a long sigh! the intoxicating feeling of gloating by reading the word “Death of Socrates”. I was overwhelmingly hypothetical and wondering how can such a man die? he knows by drinking this poison. He would die surely and he even drink it in front of his friends, how much defy they would have been from the inside.

I paused and looked around and saw many people in groups, laughing and eating together to my right and left. I felt miserable because it is sometimes terrible to be alone.

Thoughts begin to unfold in my mind “As what would others think about me”.

I was the only one sitting alone all by himself and as I grab my book out, everybody literally stumbled and started looking at me with a curiosity as I’m some kind of alien and they had never seen someone reading a book in a restaurant before.

It was mainly because I said to myself at the moment, this was not the America or Europe where there are cafe’s for people to come and sit down to think and to write, to read books, or like the silicon valley with famous coffee shops for the tech enthusiast for brainstorming.

Anyways, I was enjoying the company of greatest man ever lived, with some beautiful talks about life and death, more importantly the importance of the immortality of soul, time passes with the speed of light, two hours were gone when I was almost at the end of the dialogue indulged in the painful emotions, seeing a man dying for no reason was enough for me to worry about who cares about the  surroundings then.

I was overwhelmingly delighted as I had no other friend with home I could talk philosophy so I had no other options nor that it was an option, I wanted to do this seriously this urge and quest to pause and ponder is sometimes extraordinary and most pleasurable feeling’s.



Fear of Death: How I overcome the most hated and terrible fear of all.

Well! this man died for some reason, suddenly I felt much lighter as I have discovered a precious treasure and it was the truth about death, as how we fear death as how our religious institutions and their myths had cause fear in us about this horrible word called “Death”.

Death is the ultimate reality!



Why our Religious establishment’s try to control our behavior by making us fearful? why not tell us that this life is a beautiful lie and death is the bitter truth.. 

I have heard Molvi’s (Priest’s) talking about the punishment and terrible things one can suffer in a grave” They say: “Do this or you will burn in grave, worms will eat you, you will have no light there, or some Giant snake will bite you fiercely to eternity”.

For they want fear to control us and it make us more vulnerable, it never reveal the truth or produce the urge to investigate, as the religious institutions are corrupted nowadays. My belief in them has been long gone. I really don’t care about their stories and many people get offended by my views.

See how this great philosopher set an example to tell us what life is, how to live it and how to die without any fear, Is there a better to reveal the truth in a sweetest and delicate manner than this.

Contemplation of true existence is realizing that our soul is immortal so when we die there is nothing to be worried about, we all are going to die some day. why to live in fear and not wish death. Why not welcome death audaciously, whenever it approaches us with open arms.

All we are worried about is our social status, the money, bodily lust for marriage and love these things will be gone, we will finally see the truth.

Hemlock! the only drink which remind us of bravery and strength over passion. Socrates the man who escaped death.



They explain in their marvelous conversations in the dialogue that they can actually investigate and know that death is not something to fear but it’s actually the truth. Not to be sad on this occasion. The soul is true life which is imprisoned in body. When it leaves the body true knowledge appears without any bodily needs for money, food or lust.

when your close to truth so much, where all the mysteries of universe will unfold themselves. Wouldn’t you be happy?

For a True Muslim never fears death he is although always ready to die . That is a weak faith if on fears death. What people fear is worldly worries about their possessions and children. Parting from them is painful. But still to a higher cause. I’m being free as soul is actually the true source of existence.


That Picture I took above while reading these lines, how beautifully they are written?

It was like I died and born again and felt all that was good in me, the whole human nature was put in front me in the form of words. How greatly he explained all the difference between the lover of body and the lover of wisdom.


“I no longer have the so called fear of death. Moreover I now have a dying wish. This is what I learn after reading this amazing dialogue”. 


The soul is divine and immortal

and intellectual,



and unchangeable.


The body is mortal and vulnerable

and mortal,

and full of greed

Therefore, it is changeable.




Thankyo for the read! 😀

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