I’m a wanderer, I have no Place or Time. I’m Just drifting on this Lonely Road of Mine. How to Discover the Meaning of our Life?

“There are many Universes up there, and in one of them is the only Universe among many planets where on earth I dwell, in a little country’s little town’s little house. An inquisitive fragile boy. So, you tell me, how can I stay calm why can’t I question what is my place in this whole World?

Oh! Still there are many isles of Man’s nature to be discovered? I’m but a wanderer, searching for the lost treasure’s hidden inside the human soul”.

For what is Life without the quest or curiosity to understanding one’s own sole purpose of existence.

What is the universe? Nothing but an illusion, we believe what others told us and never listening to what the earth, the vast galaxies with gigantic stars and flowing cosmos wants us to know?

One must avoid acquaintance which loosen’s one’s individuality in the crowd where he conform and conditioned to be what the world wants him to be not what he really wants of himself.

I wonder here and there loathing relentlessly, as is the famous saying, “Those who find themselves first lost themselves in midst of their voyage of self-discovery”.

Solitude is my best companion

ζ Where are you taking me?

The inconclusive spirit, I have my own thoughts to cheer me up

How come I have been so lucky to be in the company of best men’s

I look upon myself without any observations and yet why I see many versions of myself.

My burning desire is not to worship but to question?

Who I’m I? What is the meaning of my life?

Is it the mainstream doctrines of culture, religion or the blind obedience that the world wants me to follow up?

The sorrowful and timid,

The unhappy and the wanton.

The iconoclastic and selfish,

The lonely scoundrel and the fool.

Why I’m not contended with myself and with the providence I had been given?

Henry David Thoreau spent 3 years in woods and lived his life without any desperation, that was his way of discovering the meaning of life?

Henry David Thoreau; Artist unknown; No date

Socrates served his life in the duty of teaching other’s about wisdom and being a philosopher, he drank poison to understand meaning of life?


Friedrich Nietzsche proclaim himself an Übermensch, Self-overcoming and spending his life to understand the world as will to power, Zarathustra spoke to him about the meaning of life?

Soren Kierkegaard was an aesthetic, who devotes his life to pleasures of suffering and beauty in enduring pains and despair, Existentialism was the meaning of life for him?


For Marcel Proust wrote world’s Longest Novel and discovered the meaning of life in Art?



Why I’m a Wanderer

My journey takes me nowhere for what is the meaning of life? I had to discover it yet and for that very purpose I’m a Wanderer.

Life was given to us billions of years ago and It is upon us as how we spend our lives without being circuitous in the journey. Therefore My Voyage to find the land for the richness of my soul continues until the last breath.


Thankyo for the read! 🙂

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