Confessions of a Dangerous Mind!

“Freedom” That is an easy word to say and yet no one know’s it’s true meaning, people often call themselves free?  share with me or even at least with yourself the most dominant thought you have in your mind? 

You can’t even bear to think across it. Therefore history  proclaim’s you as a slave of your peers, can you O poor soul set your own free will as a law? 


Grab a hammer and kill your self and if you cannot then I dare say be a murderer of that dominant thought which evokes fear and obedience.   

I heard a barbaric cry in my soul!


For the sake of truth, I had devoted my life in experimenting and suffering hunger in my soul, even to climb the top mountains to tempt the tempter.

This life as we see it, promise us so much and give us very less in return, we live it as the world dictates by the people who lived centuries before us even before we were born.

Why not keep the dead to their graves and live the life with new age, a new birth by waging a war against the old traditions. We must free our-self’s from all the old myths and customs and create new ones, declaring a new vision. We should live life in our own unique way. Breaking all the shackles, we are bound to at the time of our birth.

I Consider Myself as the child of mother earth! simple, wild and free as natural as one could be

In a friend one should have one’s best enemy says “Nietzsche” 


Indulged myself in a fight, and by friend means a good one.

I saw the darkest corner’s of my soul unleashing the cruel, rotten beast.

How desperate our lives are, quarreling over such a vague matter on a miserable hangout, he kept my cell phone against the inhospitable coldest meal we eat together.

Dramatically, it ends up in a fight! turning us into Savages. For he growls and attacks me like a hungry wolf, ready to tear me apart!

I yelled and burst out words more dangerous than anything else, they won’t let me sleep, and are going to hunt me to eternity and I feel terrible and guilty of this huge sin that I commit in anger the most evil of all human notions.

He now apologizes to me!

Why should I pity you or myself O friend! 


Can you make peace with yourself by smashing the sacred word  “Friendship”.

“your not evolved my friend as human

                                                   The beast with in you showed up

                                                    how little you value life and relationship”

For I beseech you in declaring human relationships are not necessary in one’s life

there is more to life on which I like to occupy my mind.

As Thoreau wrote “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrows of life”

Trust me I forget about you the moment I walked away from you, I have so much in life to think about, I started finding pleasure in the sufferings of breaking our friendship.





My visionary Great Men theory. The Immorality


Sorry to my parents!

I’m guilty that I cannot be the dutiful son, my rebellion is even worst than the whole “Communist Manifesto”

My manifesto is that there is no good advice that the older can give to younger one’s


They are weary and want their experience to be the deeds of others, 


For life is out there un-experienced by me, Age is no better a teacher but experience is


I’m sailing my boat over your hope’s to reach to my destination. 


I like to feel evil, what you consider evil is good for me.

Certainly there I see, the passion to conquer my own soul.

As Nietzsche wrote:

“you must have chaos within you to give birth to the dancing star”






The kiss of the Goddess

Her killing eyes looked at me, Ah, her deep glorifying eyes almost stopped my breath

She kissed me with her mouth filled with life And the dead poet with in me came to life.

She whisperer’s, “I’m your goddess Here, sell me your soul to be summoned.

My sorrows and pains are so great even the terrible sadness in their laughter fills me with compassion.

That was the secret, I am in love with everything this world despises, the frightening ghost for you is the leading light for me.



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