How when soul of a man is born in this Country gains Immortality as he grows up. Importance of questioning everything.

When I was born, Immortality was thrust into my soul, the so called “Inquisitiveness” the quest to search for the true meaning of life?

There are a certain class of individuals who are not satisfied with the generally accept principles and notions of life that other takes for guaranteed.

Reasoning and logical questioning is a journey

For what is the value of faith accepted with fear and without understanding?

Intelligent, responsible, constructive, reflecting questioning enriches the human mind and soul. the quest for questioning is not simply a destination, but a journey and I’m going to show you my journey of questioning as I grow up.

I belong to the iconoclasts, so I took a hammer and smash the so called eternal truths? really it is a mediocre life to me and why? because when I was born I was told my purpose here is to worship God, its a test?

Alright, but that was not enough for me to hold on life for long, look now I’m weary of this doctrine. There is surely more to life. As in Quran Allah says to explore the universe and reflect on the world and discover his signs. He clearly wants mankind to find hidden isles.


 The Immortal soul

Allama Iqbal the poet philosopher wrote: ” Had blind following been such a good thing, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would have followed his ancestors path limiting the tradition of blind following as we see today. 

The Quran portrays Ibrahim or Abraham as an inquiring prophet who kept on searching for knowledge related to life and death. As in Verse 60:60 sets him as an exemplary man to follow


When I was a child:

I saw the meaning of life was to conform to the commonality of people where you live, accept the values and obey the laws made by men who died thousands of years ago, why I was not allowed to question authority?

Then I saw the meaning of life was to be an obedient child. Do whatever your parents says, suppressing your inner most desires, showing the signs of a good breed by securing good grades in school, showing exotic table manners, doing what everybody else is doing, perceiving that the wisdom is what everybody thinks and repeat after them?


My Adolescences 

I wake up and saw the meaning of life was to be pious and virtuous, offering salah’s (Prayer) five times a day, than accepting the eternal truths without much thought or inquiry as your take pride in your creed, land of your birth, your name, heritage and the birthmark of being a Muslim really that is the life world wants me to live?

I saw the meaning of life was to offer Jumah salah (prayer) on weekends and still keep on lying, doing immoral things, being a relentless sinner and than saying God is merciful, repent and keep repenting and keep sinning then repeating but no more now, that old virtuous Muslim young man had committed suicide out of curiosity.

As a teenager 

I saw the meaning of life was to get a good livelihood, earning a good income, having a respectable status in society, voting in elections, watching the news every night and yelling at the government, hanging out with friends and following the fashion, listening to songs, doing what everybody is doing?

Later, I saw that the meaning of life was to fear God? for if you don’t obey his commands you will be thrown into hell, a place for sinners and disobedient’s. I cried in horror and became a good Muslim, than I see the Molvi’s committing sins, lying, doing every kind of evil, preaching hate speech, corrupting the youth, committing adultery and child molestation. Is this the Islam they want me to follow?

I saw meaning of life was to get married and have children, yet I longed for a women, for those were called immoral and unchaste who repeated the same act before marriage.


I saw meaning life life was to get into a university, securing good CGPA each semester, studying for upcoming life, we are here to learn about life or cheating life?

when I saw professors selling grades for money, I see these educators don’t have a liberal education and running institutions on basis off state propaganda and this is how I was taught to get an education. I stopped believing in their standardize testing and starting educating myself up-to now.

I laugh and laughed so hard that my teeth went out my mouth, my belly swell and blasted with shame.

I wish if i could just die than to live as the world dictates. I prefer death for I will no longer serve in which I no longer belief, I don’t believe in my country, the people and the organized institutions

life is given to us for a purpose and it is yet to be found? guess what “Alon Musk’ recently launched falcon heavy rocket for searching life on Mars? this is my vision? he is my inspiration people who Dare to do things out of the box. 

Art I hereby declare is the true meaning of life for me forever and ever until my death.


Happiness is in rebellion, going against those who discouraged critical thinking or from questioning everything?



I’m a human being, not a sheep after all you tell me what should I do with my curiosity? I mean Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) knows who God is right? because he was a prophet in Torah, bible and Quran and he still questions God how you make the world? how things works? asking about nature and physical laws? Even being a prophet he did that inquiry to show us to do the same instead of following blindly.

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