Why I created “The Portrait of an Artist” The purpose of running such a blog is highly personal.


Most people ask me, “Why your running a page on Facebook with a strange name called “The Portrait of an Artist”. What is that you’re trying to do?” And some say “Your not an Artist but a Writer?”.  Others quote me as a person who only talk about art but can’t produce anything. People Including my friends and family brag and mock me for trying to show off myself as an artist.

Answers to these questions are very simple which I truly believe is that “Art is the true meaning of life” not for you but it is for me.

So, Who is an artist? How do we define him?

We could say a person who captures beauty in everything, who appreciates life and stands on common grounds for proper human understanding.

And no doubt I can’t paint at the moment. I’m learning and it is true I only share other people’s art works. I want to show the importance of art in our lives as it is a medicine we all need nowadays to promote humanity in midst of racism, hatred, fanaticism, the dogma of nationalism and wars.

Since the dawn of civilization, Human beings have tried to express themselves differently depending on their culture, language and religion. Everything around us was built by others that is how we see life and we can influence too by building our own things so I made this blog to share my writings which entirely focuses on aesthetics, the hidden beauty I like to see even in ugly things.

Not only limited to writing but I’m also going to start Vlogging, making videos while travelling around searching for artists sharing their passions. Even living is an Art. Exploring my surroundings promoting the artistic expressions even in the air we breath, the flow of water, and the most pleasurable warmth of lying in bed at night.  Making simple and minor things looks bigger and important which we simply ignore because its obvious and also because we take certain things for granted.

I will share photos of arts, music, educational videos and articles.  I paint with words at the moment and I write, its my passion to become a writer. I’m working on some short stories and novels too.

Lets make a change through art, literature and music. Only you can make this happen not me I will try my best and I don’t care If I look weird or crazy to some people, right now my focus is so intense that I only intend to make an influence, to pause and reflect on life which we sometimes live so cautiously that we don’t live at all as “J.K Rowling” said. Life on earth is so beautiful because ours is the only planet among many which supports life, we all have purpose to do something in here and this is what I love to do and I will be glad to help others find theirs.

To Art that pushes the human race forward. Can you Imagine the modern world without renaissance?

Answer is “No” for sure. This is my message to go back in time and learn from the great classics and support the artists let our passions make an impact we can do this together.



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