The Philosophical Sufferings of A Young Man. “All Powerful God of Youth”.

What is it? The young man asked to the winds of each passing summer and winter, to the rains whenever they fell on each spring, he would listen to the classical music of “Vivaldi four seasons”. And his soul was always reborn with a new identity. He knew he had to fall again to be raised and to be re-born he must die first. Then he questions to the sun that show up every morning and goes down every evening and it baffles him then he would say to the darkness in the starry night looking up to the little bright yellow stars for some answers and AHH! That night came the stillest hour.

After years of suffering finally he concluded all in a single statement: “what is this giant spark in my soul so intense that it felt like my body would explode and the soul will escape up to the stars”. Little did he knew it was the “All powerful God of Youth”. Granted to man only once in a life-time and he wasn’t ready to waste it while living an ordinary life of comfort.

He wanted adventure, and troubles so much that he was even ready to die young then to resign for his old life because it was not bestowing upon him the best days of youth as promising it was.

There was an overwhelmingly high potential hidden in him for some passion. He wanted to do something. But what? He had no idea? These tormenting questions were driving him mad.  And he understood that in this world the individual cannot get anything by asking, but he must take it. He had read many great thinkers and philosphers, who at his age were lucky enough to find the meaning of their lives? while he was starving, desperate and still dependent on providence of the world around him.

What a sick world? he said: “I wanted to create a new world”. Enough were the words? It was the cold December night and he was able to get out of his bed with all the past melancholy and the inflicting sorrows. He wanted some action while looking out from the window to the moonlit sky; he was alone it felt like a new birth has taken place within him. Something struck him it was extremely philosophical and he finally overcomes himself.

“The goal is to stand for myself” he said, and rushed out of his room for breathing the air. Such blessed was his whole existence. It was enough for him to live. Something must have died within him.  and Everything returned on that stillest hour of night. The whole vision he could see himself sublimated and reborn. A new man, more enriching and powerful. A new energy, a new existence to explore life and the world around him with new fresh eyes.


               My Inhaler Vivaldi four season. Its a Revolutionary music trust me! 

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