My Age is as a lusty Winter, frosty but kindly. Here Read My Winter Impressions and Discover Yours?

The winter is near, I can feel it in the whisper of a cold breeze that touches my skin where I’m sitting writing these words down in my room next to the window.  There is an invisible artistic energy, the power to create.

In the midnight the blowing wind beats the door. It can take one’s breath away like someone out there is calling you or knocking at the door to let him in. Open the door even if your cold. Do not despair oh poor soul lets Welcome the winter and listen to the Vivaldi winter third movement.


The silence of the night is different than the weary summer nights that I spend awake. It is more deep and mysterious like a child’s mind curious to try anything new just to make sure he is alive.

Everything smells different. Even the most obvious things like chair, table, bed, the carpet, and the book shelve they all seem to sublimate into something more than they are.




Take this cigarette in my hand right now the tobacco has different taste and sound in the fall of cold gloomy darkness, the puffs, the torch illuminating the white thin smoke transcending up to the heavens like demons.


Pleasures of studying in winter

The pleasure of reading books in your warm bed as you open with each new page it’s like a new door to heaven. How can we not appreciate the beautiful earth of ours? One can never imagine the transforming seasonal change affects not only our bodies but all that exist living or dead.

In long winter nights reading is an exquisite pleasure, it is the best time because we feel more energetic and our bodies have more resistance power.

Artist’s knows the seasonal change can bring inspiration. many have taken advantage of it. That is why during fall semester students perform better research says.

I’m preparing my GRE test in winter. I think there will be no better time for this than to do it now.

Taking cold showers in winter also boost your creativity.

It might seem odd to you but I have experimented many times, the colder the water is the more energy you will feel. Give it a try and there is a lot of stuff you can find it on google relating to this.

Best time to read Jack London’s masterpieces.  

Shakespear’s Winter tales: 



Reading Dostoevsky despair


How amazing is this country where I live, I get to enjoy spring, summer, autumn, and winter all the four seasons you might think it is Australia, but it is not it is the land where I was born it is the heaven on earth  “Pakistan”.







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