Discover Why The Western World is the New Age of Enlightenment?

There was a time when the decaying Greek thoughts came to life in middle eastern lands. Historians often called it  The Islamic Golden Age. All the knowledge were brought in Baghdad where house of wisdom was build by Abbasid Caliphs. It was the center of all learning and scientific thought while the West was in dark ages. Then came the Mongol destruction and we know their story as every rise have a fall and it is when the Arabic texts were translated into Latin which later brings Renaissance in the Western world.



1: Freedom of Thought

Every man needs doubts to discover the truth and it cannot be possible where the state or tradition limit people’s imagination and freedom of speech without any fear. Respecting the unorthodox, outlier behavior leads to new innovation of ideas. 

There could be no progress without a progressive thought. If a society is long chained by tradition and prejudice, Intolerance for new ideas, there is no chance that it can succeed. We have the example of this in all of our dead Muslim kingdoms in India under the colonization of British Empire.


If I talk about freedom of expression people often call me a thought criminal or I became victim of the taboo used by fanatics as the Liberals.

I believe that day is not far away when Pakistan will became a free thinking society 



2: To Art that pushes the Human Race Forward 

 Any nation who try bring down the artists or doesn’t care for its Artist’s and their works is doomed to destruction. Artist’s has more influences on people than any leader or a king. They shape the society, they bring new ideas and help people to appreciate life even in the endless suffering. 

By artist I mean every poet, writer, philosopher even the scientist is also an artist who first observes the world and then form the scientific way of thinking. An artist is anyone who gives a new vision, a new life, a new way of seeing things. Runs our passions in midst of depression, and war hysteria etc.

Art speaks to the mind as to fight the evil. Read any post world war writer’s they plunge for harmony. They live up to show us that humanity still exist in us. I will quote Hemingway here

“A man is not made for defeat…a man can be destroyed but not defeated.”


Traveling to west can kill our prejudice and help us to know the world and ourselves better, we will then develop mutual understanding and come to common terms by sharing our unique cultures, language and beliefs.

For Young Muslims like me can follow the path of our forefathers by studying history and travelling to west instead of listening to some Mullah or Religious scholars who only spread hate speech. We can bring another Renaissance together 

Travel the world and discover the wonderful Western land. 

In the words of Islamic Mystic Rumi:


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