Man of Ideas in Atomic Age only finds Absurdity. The Millennial Generation’s Biggest Anxiety is “Nuclear War”.

“We have heard about the great depression in 1930’s along with plague of communism. The stories of  Orwellian world wars, totalitarian regimes of Nazi in power and the victims of Vietnam and middle eastern wars but the millennial generation is blessed with atomic age. The anxiety, and public unrest cannot be compared to any generation in all history of mankind against fear of war and massacre but Nuclear bomb means total destruction which only leads to absurdity, plunges into the depth of Nihilism”. 

As soon as tensions develop between India and Pakistan recently. I find myself and others marking time desperately like waiting for Godot with nothing much to do in hand for any ordinary individual. As Samuel Beckett characters came to life when I swipe social media news feed, saw people on streets, offices engaged in terrifying arguments whether we are at war with India or not?

The presence of atomic bomb is more evident than God and there is nothing we can do to stop it because we all know its gonna happen sooner or later how much score is 20 years or 50? someone will eventually unleash this weapon of mass destruction on any given opportunity.  How can we not procrastinate?



It has already happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki we have no guarantee why it won’t happen again. We truly have no sense for the whole of humanity even in this age of reason. Other wise no one would have the need to built this monstrous bomb and I often laugh when people praise the inventors and say it is for our security.  We shouldn’t have gone for this at the first place.  The goal of science was to develop a rational understanding of the world not to destroy it.

Seriously think was it worth it? Investing so much on building a giant bomb to destroy a land because you hate those people, their language or religion is different, or because you have that disease of patriotism and jingoistic passions programmed by the state and Politicians who don’t even hesitate to shed blood for coming into power and we promised with false promises. They put blindfolds on our eyes and the Media manipulates us to support them in ignorance.



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The only answer I can find to this absurdity is the fact that “Man is a total stranger to himself, his very existence betrays him and this Irrational Man find ways of destroying his own world”. It all leads to the biggest existential crisis and makes us think that the atom bomb was probably a grand plan for a mass suicide of all life on earth.

The despair of living in the atomic age raises questions that could struck any man on the corner of the street like what is the meaning of all this cutting edge technology if it could not benefit mankind? We don’t need to witness any more evidence for the end of times than this century and sadly we the millennial’s are its victims.

The Forgotten Utopia 

The Ancient Indus valley civilization had No interest in War. 


The Ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans, Chinese were all proud of their warfare techniques but in all human history one mighty civilization lived for more than two millennia without ever engaging in war. The only city whose dwellers were real pacifists, having no need of building even an army.

We should learn from our ancestors from “Mohen-Judaro” and “Harrappa” who lived more peacefully where archaeologist failed to find even a single weapon. Ancient Indus people teaches us a lesson. Ask the modern man to look back, learn from them and that civilization lived a more sophisticated and happy life even before the ancient Greeks, Romans and many more yet to come.


Links for further study:


Say No To War.  


#Pak-India peace will soon prevail.


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