Notes From My Dark Room!

I am going to degrade myself now you may wonder why? Simply in order to write and take pleasure for getting humiliated by my readers for the simple reason that I cannot do anything. I am a solitary and a heart broken man, so I started smoking cigarettes. I say immoral things, I read too much, play with ideas, question God’s existence, I even like to offend people out of spite.

I once saw a women dying and did nothing so I hate laughter’s, I loathe goodness and adhere all that is evil believe me I am not saying this just to be more offensive to all of you.

What I am writing is not even a blog where you can find inspiration or knowledge. You shouldn’t even be here right now reading all this gibberish talk I’m putting you in, do you even listen to yourself? Look at you always looking for something to be pleased? Spectators, question my mannerisms or my duty to your common sense. Oh! don’t you dare to speak of humanism. I have seen it all, this is an atomic age, blood everywhere here take this humanity and keep the miserable world to yourself  for I’m better off in my dark room filled with novels. You may call it a cave, a grave, an underground or even a block hole I don’t mind.

I created these lines to make sure you read it simply to tell that some people took extraordinary effort just to be normal but who cares? I might have created these imaginative words in order to live.

I tell you miss or sir that nothing is sublime or beautiful and reasoning is a disease a real actual disease. We kill each other with our prayers and  nice things. I believe in hatred just as you hate me now after my confession which you must be expecting a heartwarming words worth reading. Oh! How I pity you? Your so concern with what I do or what I’m going to say in the next lines.

We need to learn how to be reborn from an idea? Look at me in the picture, I am the idea of a dead man, I must never tell you this I’m that idea, and I died when the first man lied, killed, hated, robbed, loved, or prayed.

Humanism is just a word which has no meaning. I just gave it the meaning by writing all this to let you know its a vermin we never hesitate to crush it with our foot. I should not tell you this honestly how I missed life by decaying morally in my room with some books, ideas, words, and imagination.

I think I shall not say anything, anymore I had it enough. Not a “word”. This society has failed the individual it cannot and must never prevail

Perhaps it should never have been exited at the first place. It was a mistake like “time” that cannot be reversed so I’m going to say this I am a mediocrity,  a sickness and I have no self-respect because this race, time and environment has produced me so I shall express myself as wholly as I am and I’m going to tell you for the last time that I am an artist not any of the names you might gave me, may it be my education, or the work I do for living.

   Long Live the Under Ground! Inspired by the notes from underground by

“Foyder Dostovesky”  

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