An Attack on Aphorisms and Maxims. Breaking the Traditional Wisdom with a Hammer!




On Human Existence

The human existence demands justice, there was no trail so it doesn’t give a chance to have his say.  It was not a unanimous decision to produce this human race and history tells us that it clearly stands on lies.

Only the individual suffering has a meaning and nothing comes to redeem him. He suffers alone and alone he must experience this very life given to him without his consent.

“I think therefore I am”, said Descartes. “I revolt therefore I am”, said Camus. “I don’t think therefore I am not what I am, said no man ever.”

On Happiness

It seems to be of no importance whether a man is happy or sad as long as long he has a reason to live he will be in despair.

Happy is the one who is not born yet, happiest must be the one who was never born. Unhappiest is the one who was born and raised.


On Love:

We demand love  and say “I love you” but It has no meaning these three words were joined together in a hurry by some horny man to satisfy his urges.

Hatred has more place in our hearts than love.

On Nature:

The existence of everything speaks for itself the trees, grass, sky, stars and moon. Why let some supreme power undermine their freedom of expression. Listen again what the universe has to say for you.


On Women

A women can never be honest. she is handicapped by nature to manipulate.

To deduce from the fact that there more women than men explains why something in excess is wasted or misused.

In history of Western lands thousands of Ancient Greeks and Trojans dies for one single women. Orpheus enters the underworld in order to bring his wife back to the world. It explains how far human race can go out of boredom.


On Compassion

There is no such thing as compassion. why? we give to the poor to make ourselves feel more human. is it generous to give a penny to a power as to make him a beggar. The beggar only lacks education.

 Love thy neighbor they said, how can you love when you don’t know him?


On God

God the all knowing all seeing? Didn’t He saw a man killing himself? what does that indicates? A metaphysical rebellion.

So God created me in his shape. If I kill, rape, and lie, is that vice not also a virtue instilled in me by God why shouldn’t I use them?

God exists? Yes he exists then where is He? He is everywhere. Why don’t he show up? Because this world is a test and he will come up at the end. But human race is now out of patience.

One shall not believe in God out of fear or death but leap of faith is to believe Him because you know him.


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