Anti-Intellectualism and Anti-Science bias of modern fundamentalist Islam is the root cause of Its failure for Eternity!

If history has taught us anything it is that those nations who remained crippled by Religious establishments for more than a decade declines in political and economical Infrastructure.  Lack of Imagination and creativity, suppressing the humanities like arts and literature which promotes humanity more than anything

  • Clearly it’s not the case that Islam itself is hostile to science; after all, for hundreds of years, the Islamic world was the standard-bearer for world scientific knowledge and progress. Yet, education in many Muslim countries consists primarily of religious rather than scientific programs, and those who do get quality educations in the west tend to remain overseas.

The individual freedom is of the utmost importance. Take a look at any so called Muslim nation where the individual always suffer, his ideas are always ridiculed. Dr. Abdus salam was judged on the basis of his beliefs, Iqbal was called kafir still if I talked to some one about bringing secularism into our political system people react to it rather than understanding it as an advanced way of separating religion from politics, not allowing any culprit to use public sentiments to be in power.

  • Arab world goes into oil/gas, or if smart/lazy, into oil/gas ministry jobs, and anyone seeking safe investment returns tends to invest in oil/gas, where a great return is likely. Having some resources is better than no resources, but having resource based industries dominate your economy crowds out all other investment.
  • Women as second-class citizens

West has taken over the world for many centuries to come. The nanotechnology predicts that it will progress more in 10 years. It can help control climate change, reverse the aging, cure cancer and aids, Increase food resources and even close to defeating death by investing on machine learning will bring immortality to the person who owned the computer which will remain as his own version and furthermore the implementation of AI in everyday life nowadays is leading to ASI (Artificial super intelligence which can revolutionized the world.

ANI (Artificial narrow intelligence has been part of life in west from past years since the invention of internet, from using google search engines, to google maps and strong algorithms and high tech applications to support logistics to solve complex problems.

Job market is highly intense and mostly relying on the data analytics more and more research is undergoing to meet the employment if the technology revolutionized the way we live..

Yet we are still living in our glorified past. We are still talking about Sharia Law and Medieval Khilafat negating the more progressive ideas of socialism and democracy if we look at china and the west.


It is no less than a joke that we still amuse ourselves for medieval ideas when the world has became more and more democratic ans turned into a global interdependent economy.

Athens v.s Spartans 

If we still imagine having a Nuclear power and a strong army is the sign of a prosper nation than we are doomed which is contrary to the idea of highly developed nations.


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