An Old man and a Young boy talking about life: A Dialogue

Old Man: “A Man’s life came into being from nothing like the river from Glaciers , it always flows circular into the endless ocean finally to be drowned into nothingness which suffices why your young full of life and I am old near death. Our earth is round, so is life. This circle must not be broken”.

The old man lift up his chin and cried! “You’re doomed! If you didn’t learn from my experience, from my pocket-size past, my little book full of maxims. Believe me I am talking from experience and reality is explained to the new by the old.”

Young man: “I must agree on the fact that your being old makes you wise enough to have the right to advice young ones. Now enlightened me what do you mean by circle of life? How can I avoid breaking that cycle?”

Old Man Replied: “My child It is to go with the flow of the world. Obey the supreme law of our conscience defined by the Religion and society which are far more important than individual interests. If you do not conform to norms my dear son you will brake the circle of happy life then you will be desperate, a hustler who will fail to secure a job, marriage, kids, friendship, status quo and well being until you have this wrinkled face like I have right now.”

The boy was offended by the old man’s advice like Ivan portrayed by Dostoevsky who wasn’t sure if virtue really existed or anything was sacred? He knew in his rebellious heart that he would shake the old man’s spirit without regret. He knew in all history of the universe life was nothing more than survival of the fittest all else was transitory.

Thus he spoke: “When you old people reached about age of 50 swollen with experience you can’t get rid of it and If luckily you made children, you want us to believe that your past isn’t wasted but let me assure you father. Your wisdom recommends in my childhood to make noise as little as possible and now your telling me to live as little as possible. To allow myself to be forgotten. You tell success stories, you yawn, you think that there is nothing new under the sky.”

There was a pause and there was no sound except stillest silence more dreadful and louder without the need to speak. It stopped the conversation and the politeness in it.

Old man with his sunken cheeks in a dull voice replied: ” You’re a blasphemer of God. I warn you son, Don’t be ridiculous young lad, These forbidden books you have in your defense are not enough to navigate in life. What you read is other man’s worn out cloth, their sorrow taken words and miserable lives and nothing more. If you don’t want to spend ordinary life of happiness then don’t listen to what I say but it will help you to define why some men in history break that circle and bring chaos like the suicides, wars, murders and hatred.”

Young boy: I believe in what you have said: you have experience i have none but I have power of youth which you lack; if I have gained nothing then I have lost nothing. For i have got advice of wisest thinkers the world has ever produced still I don’t even find them of any help so, how can your advice bring me salvation?”

The old man’s face suddenly grew weary, he get up from his chair taking heavy breaths he walked back and forth mapping the room, his eyes seems to be summon by demons he looked at the boy now and then and said nothing.

Young man added: “What you offer me is involuntary thinking and if you told me not to speak my mind, not to welcome new ideas, if you fear ideas are more dangerous than weapons, I’am afraid sir, You are right.”

Old man broke the silence:Nonsense! you speak queer words, who have no respect for their elders. We brought you into this world and were you aware of yourself in your mothers womb? I have seen much of the world, my wisdom more worth than any fine text you will ever read.”

Old man: I am disappointed, I have given you life and yet you are not thankful for that, I thought you will be an aid to me and listen to me. If you want to live in this home then obey what I say if not then you can leave my home .

Young man: You have dragged your life in utter desperation, You married in a hurry, out of impatience, and made children at random and now our stubborn ideas and proverbs you name experience wrapped in a paper to give little pieces of advice sticked to your teeth.

old man: You’re the son of the devil, I can write with my blood to tell you will never succeed in life, you will fail again and again.

Young man: Let me tell you oh wisest old father, I am not afraid to make even a life long mistake. Even Your honorable past does not give you right to speak about everything. Experience is now your only defense against everything even to death.

The boy then left his home. FREE: Fancy free soul now. He has the world to conquer and exclaimed in excitement: “I rebel, therefore, I am”.

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