Philosophizing Life without Principle & Morality in the West

“I realized that, in a very act of thinking everything false, I was aware of myself as something real; and observing that the truth: “I think, therefore I am” was so firm and so assured that the most extravagant arguments of the skeptics were incapable of shaking it, I concluded that I might have no scruple in taking it as that first principle of philosophy for which I was looking”. “Rene Descartes”

Life begins from zero to what ever number you wanted to put on the end depends on how long you will live and even before living in the U.S I was not found of laws whether religious or traditional. I have broken the most sacred of all the moral codes. I left what seems illogical or for granted. I am now limited to the human existence. To the Individual suffering which matters to me. This state of urgency, to survive and to be triumphed as evolution of life was where the strongest one survives only is to live the life without principle and morality.

Life’s full potential is released in the state of urgency. like Plato said” Necessity is the mother of all inventions” you are inventing a new life in the new world the older one looks rotten, wasted.

History shows us how certain people who achieve the greatness were all in a sense moral criminals. Why? because you are tearing out the old one for the new as the Russian writer Dostoevsky said, great men smash laws, smash old ways in order to create new ones, great man are not afraid to be criminals”

Reason leads the way. I had some great ideas back at home which never makes any sense but here they seem logical because you are pushing the boundaries. My soul is free. It is fancy free. I can be anything here.

I have realized the fact the world i see today was build by the people who were no smarter than me! the only way to create a life here is to abandon the old and adapt the new.

it is super human version of humanity which Nietzsche dreams in his “Ecce Homo”. To became what one is. You no longer believe in things you used to do, you do what you were told never to do. In short you break the moral code, you have no conscience, you don’t judge things but let you things to be seen in a different way. This is the path of every artist I have ever read, to experience and change which is normal.

Only the most mediocre ones stays where they were I come so far that there is no way back. My mind has reached its full capacity to reject all of my former opinions & believes. I can feel the free will and its power, the artistic energy I never felt before.

Now that I have broken the most sacred of all the moral code. I can now see things differently.


“I am now living the American Dream”

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