The Plague in Ybor City!

The world has an epidemic few weeks back all of sudden it transformed into a deadly pandemic disease killing thousands and increasing its fare share day by day forming itself into a global economic crisis. This is the fear, anxiety and depression of every living human being nowadays the plague of “Corona virus”.

Great measure have been taken by all world governments. Cities locked down, more research and funding, public health awareness, the business are down, schools, universities closed. Outbreak of a deadly disease leaves the streets empty and Walmart Publix massively crowded. What should an ordinary man do in such a situation except not to get bored. Boredom kills more people than any disease in history of man kind. Imagine what would have happened to Sparta in ancient Greece if there were no wars to fight for? Man is essential irrational no matter how much he progress just as 2 + 2 = 4 is a fact same is man’s irrationality. He can never know what is best for him. We wage war and kill people insanely and yet when a plague like this spread man only acts when he faces his own destruction of power and control.   

“Aristotle” was so bored with all his wisdom and knowledge that he takes it all out on “Alexander the Great” who then Rebelling against his father go on conquering the world.


Corona virus” tried hunting The historic Ybor city but failed miserably now one may ask why? Simply because this is Florida. A savage land. Is it possible for a Nightingale to exist but not to sing in the sweetness of night? “No” right so If you are in Florida and even if the world is ending I promise you there will still be a party going on somewhere in this land.

Last night as soon as the sun goes down despite the warnings and media reports. The streets in Ybor city breaths with hundred of souls wandering inside the little area confined by the nostalgic walls protected from the rest of the world far away from its weariness and coldness secured by the Illusionary Hispanic-Cuban style buildings. In the night everyone gathered, free of everything, they were the pleasure seekers, passionate lovers, and some rebels, misfits, trouble makers, geniuses, homeless, students people from every walk of life was there to rebel against the dictations of the world.


The lamps at every corner of the street started creating an illusion with its bright white round globes. Their light kisses the eyes and deceives the heart. The music eludes the ears. The cigar shops, cafes, bars and night clubs calls you in with their fascinating taglines and names yet the mere pleasure of walking down the pavements will always seduce the passerby to keep on going forward as there could be something more interesting on the way who knows? Soon the aroma of “Tobacco” buried inside the Ybor city for more than 60 years will instill demons into the souls which will make the visitors to survey the whole one way street back and forth again and again until he gets bored of all the spectators and the heart yearns for some wild experience then one decides to get into a bar or a club.

A wise men once said, the core of man’s spirit is in having new experiences. The more you get it, the more you will discover about yourself and the world around

Nihilistic Club which I call including some of the very interesting people I know some I quite don’t know gathered last night in Ybor city we know Corona virus is BTW but as I say before dank nihilists doesn’t care about anything their philosophy is this that no matter what a man do best of all his capacities eventually he will fail. So, the real question is what does this disease matter to the Floridians? People who deals with Hurricanes every year, who have crocks living next to their home. This disease is nothing to them. I firmly believe with my experience of living with Floridian which has been amazing, they are the best in everything, always full of hospitality and love. Floridians welcome 365 days of sun shining on its shores. Even thought during the time of plagues like time of hurricanes people have positive vibes. I saw Floridians strong morally and physically, they are going to overcome it. Soon after weeks we are going to smile and say we make it through. We don’t need no Vaccine. The cure for “Corona Virus” is “Laughter” and maybe a bottle of corona beer which is a great medicine for fighting against any plague or disease. The cure is in nature itself, the cure is being self-aware of oneself and the world around.

 Our quarantine 

Dank Nihilists


The Question is why the world is shocked? Is it because we have no cure for such disease? Or whole Italy is locked down and U.S banned whole of Europe to come to U.S. things are going crazy but the point is what should ordinary man do? No matter what you do nothing really matters at the end, death is inevitable. Being a stoic and nihilistic it was not possible for me to sit at home and do nothing. Boredom kill more people than any plague what so ever and yet nobody ever done anything about it. Out of Boredom comes all evil. 

Good hygiene and positive thinking is what that makes ones immune system strong enough to fight any disease. If there is a will then there is a way. Give will to power means give power to your will as German philosopher Nietzsche wrote: ” Ones must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a star”.

At the end I will say as “Thoreau” said but a little differently: I have lived through much and I went to the Ybor every night because I wished to live deliberately and to get the essential facts of human interactions, to get more stories to write and learn the culture and know the passion for pleasure and to see what there is more to learn and if I didn’t post again discover that I had not lived and died partying instead of some disease.    

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