“HOPE” is nothing but a spit on the face of Mankind

Hope means a longing for something yet to come. What is the etymology of this word does not concern me anymore? Its meaning has been devoid only to say it has no meaning. Who is the authority? Oxford dictionary or Webster dictionary? Some Linguistics? I say to myself pick up a hammer and smash this word we call “Hope” into pieces. Nothing has destroyed men of action then these uncertain feelings full of doubts and idleness. Hope is only for the lay man but for the rebel it is a weakness. Who is waiting for Jesus to change the world? In short to end all the suffering of the world. How absurd is this idea of our church men that with the emergence of one magical being all the problems will be solved or justice will be delivered? How long are the homeless sleeping under the bridge or the innocents inside the cellar, the oppressed, the poor, the proletariat will suffer even after decades of revolutions. When we see the murderers rooming freely, the rich like bill gates getting richer and fooling the world by creating another non-profit foundation and spending pennies from his wealth for betterment of his fellow man and the world around. When I see all these charitable institutions, I feel sick. These people are still exploiting the unprivileged by their sheer sympathy and pity. Thinking that by donations they can make a difference. The prime minister of Pakistan lived all his life on donations and he still asking citizens to donate to fight this pandemic claiming on his glorified past as how he make hospitals for the poor which if one visits is the complete opposite.  The concept of any charity creates class antagonism it states clearly without any doubt that there are unfortunate poor folks who needs money and in order to help them the masses need to give money to some fortunate individual who will then in return equally distribute for the needy ones. What a slack of joke they still play on the working class. Donations has in its complete form became a kind of business where the individual fills his pocket more than he gives and earn his dummy reputation of a philanthropist. Now how long mankind will hope for Jesus or Imam Mehdi to come? Who will take the first step end this charitable business run on the very word we call “Hope”? This capitalist disease of corona virus, the bourgeois are still taking advantage all around the world from every lay men, to mullah, or priest, to officials of any government are asking their obedient citizens to donate their wages for coping with the chaos of this deadly plague when we know “Oliver Goldsmith” to “Albert Camus” and many other writers in addition the very common sense tells us these plagues have been used from centuries for some unprecedented outcome in advantage of whole global economy. Who is still waiting? Who has hope? I have none so I say

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