The Dreamer’s Answers to some Unasked Questions of 21st century?

Literature and arts extends my imagination when there seems to be no way out. My own character developed and take shape during the course of every novel I encounter from my childhood to adulthood writers change, so was their stories, characters change so do I change constantly with the flow of my daily readings.

The possibility to live million lives was so enigmatic that my imaginations now have no limits. I can make a world of my own in matter of seconds holding onto my experience while living in Florida which provides me the opportunity to meet new people almost everyday gives the power to formulate characters in my stories just as when you open a pack of cereal in the morning for breakfast with its each grain you put in your mouth and crush it with your gnawing teeth so do I make characters with my pen.

 Go back and look at this picture in black and white above as it is in colors below:


what does this picture signifies nothing but a rebellion in the hearts of millennials? Why? the answer is very thought provoking as in Albert Camus words: “In order to exist man must rebel”. The world as we see today is meant for the living not for the dead? why we have to obey the dead then? why not leave the dead to their graves? why not rely on new ideas, new words, new forms, new art and recreate life out of life?

A prologue to freedom of expression and speech 


The extreme digitalization, nuclear weapons’, feeble history, unemployment, drugs, expensive Universities, worthless degrees, increasing crimes and mass shootings in schools, fanaticism, global warming, wars in middle east and now this pandemic what do these people the so called our petty gods our society name as parents, politicians, priests, professors, CEO’S, from secret intelligence agencies, world governments to every middle aged man from every corner of street want from us?


“Blind Obedience”. Now one may ask in what particular sense?  They demand us to shun our voices, not to speak our minds? not to express our deepest desires and wants? They want to be the sole Authority? and on no merit? they have already destroyed the world for us and our future generations if you don’t believe it then just wait and watch the world when our kids will grow up. They have locked us in our homes, they have given us a linear definition of life and some maxims of their self glorified past to rely on for our future? They hate the pop culture and every new rapper who come up with new words and rebel against the world asking for change?

Now I see all the dreamers looking for an escape to another universe? Elon musk is trying but we are far from colonizing other planets yet? why not fix the one already paralyzed by our ancestors? but the last answer to our big question still remains unanswered? I might not have answer for that?


Because the answer could be found in each one of us hidden in deepest corners of our gloomy hearts? The answer lies in expression of ourselves in some mode of life or art as freely as wholly as we can imagine where the point is to let it out.

The answer is to free our souls to wander and form our own unique opinions as forever a slogan to non-conformity and individuality. Freely say what you have to say without slightest fear or doubt and like me or like these gentlemen in the picture the so called dreamers you will find this world more wider and just a canvas to our wildest and craziest imaginations. We still have the power to save ourselves and future generations unlike our elders or should I say the dead? let the living take over the world and leave the dead to their graves to rot for eternity.


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