On Crime and Passion! Human all-too human

Some people have a right to commit crimes whether it is crime of passion or logic. The human being is after all a human which means everything that has been said or taught in all history of mankind is subject to change and nothing is sacred and everything is permitted then the will to power is supreme law of all in us.

Every book is filled with errors and flaws all you have to do is to look at the structure of languages not all that is said or written has its true meaning in its purest sense. Man make their own morals and laws and man break those laws when it comes to his self preservation the most natural basic instinct of survival

Evolution of man has taught us one thing it is this: The philosophy of impossible have been made possible by only a certain class of individuals who will not hesitate even to shed blood in order to get their views public and implement it through countless revolutions and wars

First these wars are fought privately with in every great achievers soul and body then he enforced it on whole world around him.

How many people started Renaissance? The enlightenment and Romantics era? The industrial revolution? The globalization? Wars? You will only find a few among masses

All of modern English language has been descended from one great man we know as “Shakespeare”.

Alternative current was the revolt of “Nikola Tesla”.

E=mc2 this one equation was the intellectual exertion of Einstein

Frued alone led the legacy of psychoanalysis

Napoleon alone took hold on anarchism in the aftermaths of French Revolution.

Socrates alone have the courage to drink the Hemlock volunteeringly

Alexander alone invaded the whole world in his mind before actually outliving in the real world

Achilles alone killed Hector in front of whole kingdom of Troy and drag his corpse from his chariot

Marx and Nietzsche were the only visionaries

I can name millions of these certain class of individuals who seek their ambitions regardless of any laws of men or even of those by any gods

Even today world only open its arms to such highly inspired individuals who break the norms and took it upon themselves to get what they want and if they teach us one fine thing to learn and apply in our lives is this: “Nobody gives it to you, you have to take it”.

The environment should be the product of an individual not the individual product of its environment after all what masses are? Nothing but a herd of lay men who accept the world as it is who dare not to question or change what they feel ought to be changed.

Therefore, I say I have the right to commit crime whether it’s of passion or logic.ً

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