The Untold story of King David! “David VS Goliath”

David was young as of my age who lost her lover bestowed upon by the prophesy of prophet Samuel. He was no son of king but a shepherd son of Jesse. A great destiny awaits him in Jerusalem without his knowledge until one night in Bethlehem Samuel saw him and said: “you are chosen to inherit the throne of Israel”

David rebelled and pledge to Yahweh that it was unfair to kill her lover who was innocent for gods outmost power give him no right kill such an innocent soul. He protests for Yahweh’s ignorance and brutality

He was told to travel three days nonstop to Jerusalem and he did.

Upon his arrival to Jerusalem he saw how under the reign of king Saul whole city is in corruption and dismal situation and like every proletariat he saw the pains of the poor and weak and observed the life of Bourgeoisie. Thus David spake, “Oh! People of Israel, you are doomed in misery and yet no power is greater than the power of states citizen who Labour and fought hardest battles to run the machinery of economics yet you lay vanquished and don’t stand up for your birth rights and like a revolutionary he confront them and told them to rise against the tyrant king

King Saul was watching the shepherd from his palace and order his immediate arrest but David’s wisdom and moral courage saved him and Persuade the king.ً His talent in singing and playing the harp was extraordinary it lure whoever listens to it.ً

On the borders of Jerusalem came Goliath the giant warrior fully armed and said,ً Thy Lord is so weak that no one among thyself is able to fight me in the dual” no one but young David step ahead he knew no power is supreme than the will to power and throw away his cloak,ً let his horse run, throw away his armor,ً sword and bare footed walks towards Goliath who then said, “ I am I a Dog that you come to me with sling?” He then threw spears but David with his speed Dodges all of them and get closer to him to some calculated distance and stopped there.

Goliath in his vain pride came forward and with his heavy armor and sword. David waits until at a precise distance where he can hit him as hard as he could. David said,ً look up Goliath to the sky those vultures are going to eat your flesh as Goliath moves his head up the aim up was crystal clear and David threw a single stone from his sling straight to his head and slay him with his sword and regain his kingdom.

What David teaches? The strategy and tactics and smartness to look upon oneself and discover ones own unique talents and work on them and not to look on others and try to imitate them but to look into ones own abyss and passions

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