What it takes to be an Artist?

Who is an artist? The answer is simply in two ambiguous words “Extra-ordinary”. They are those individuals who are always ahead of their generations. “Extra” means they have more to say. They cannot be silenced. Their souls are melodic always expressing their thoughts even when they are unaware of it. “Ordinary” means like every other being just with extra moral courage with same needs and wants living day to day for their own understanding they don’t forget their existence in midst of work and social life. They are alienated dreamers who have to create their own new world rejecting the old world which makes no sense to them with their absurd values, traditions and old age maxims. They have to break through those chains of conformism at any cost.

Common symptoms:

They are underdogs, rebellious, visionaries, lonely, jolly at the same time very mean and rude, immoral, careless, risk takers and always questioning authority.

Creativity is a war against gods and in order to create something it is necessary to have the moral courage which comes from having a sense of being that you exist and have a need to express what that being thinks or feels in a uncertain way. Every great idea in start is ridiculed and then accepted later on.

They will find struggle in their journey of becoming an artist which is the best way to know oneself more deeper and deeper they dig in their souls and find a medium to express what they feel and find their inspirations in best ways possible

Careers are a 20th century invention and they don’t want one. What they want is their drummers to which they listen and prefer to educate themselves on their own.

To be an Artist It takes to be more than a normal human being. More closer to a super entity which through practice and skills create their art and their existence is a burden which can only be lightened by expression of their inner selves

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