Into Plato’ Allegory Of Cave! A Thought Experiment

We all know how Plato defines allegory of cave in his republic. But I am going to describe the concept in a very ordinary and understandable way of our lives which I personally discovered through a small incident.

The Thought Experiment!

Recently I have a very common eye infection to which doctor told me to put on sun glasses and protect the eye from dust and light for some days to come

I was wearing the sun glasses all the time because I wanted to get better quickly so that I could have a date or go around and talk to girls which was not possible if I look like Frankenstein

I was wearing sunglasses when I go to work or hang out with friends or at home and last night the idea suddenly popped out of no where when I got tired of this dark shady spectacles during my night shift at work and take the glasses off

As soon as I took glasses off I see the things like I have fresh new eyes and every thing so full of colors and I was able to sense the light even I was able to notice the darkness outside on streets as “John Milton” wrote: “As one great furnace flames and from those flames yet no light but rather darkness visible”

At that moment Plato’s allegory of cave came to my mind and I understood how we don’t look at things in a different or precise way to have a new perspective of our world to the one we are so accustomed by habits of consumerism.

We look at the world not in a new but in an old fashioned way that we no longer appreciate our own faculties and reasoning to make things happen until we walk out of our daily life consuming comfort zones that’s why psychologists say to patients to have a walk in the woods or in a garden and to have vocations and that’s why traveling gives some people life changing experiences

Ask any soldier after coming home from wars they have changed same is the case with those who go to jail or end up in homeless shelters but one questions arises was it necessary to risk and after all was all this worth it?

Making a rational point of view of life and the world to what end? What’s the outcome? Or the benefit?

That is the unanswered question of a whole millennia for the reader and writer himself that they must need to find out for better or worst.

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