How The Ending of a Song is the longing for Infinity!

When we here a piece of music it brings a never ending desire in our soul. I have lots of friends who want to be musicians and I have the chance to listen to their pieces some are trying to be rappers and and some struggling with instruments for classical tones.

The ending of a song is indescribable! When a song ends it is like the ticking of a clock it gets slow and slower then it suddenly becomes deeply silent.

Suddenly You are thrown back into the real unbearable world from the the world of imagination and contemplation and the world of esthetic pleasure.

Music feeds the soul, we listen to it when we get off from work or for motivation while doing our home work or while taking a run or in some club and with a few shots we feel like escaping reality for a few moments into something new and better version of reality maybe what we call reality is just an illusion? Who knows?

As Nietzsche wrote “without music our life would be a mistake” and I agree with that statement cause music fills us up with energy and compassion. Music is nothing but the expression of our inner souls who are suppressed by the authorities of culture tradition and religion.ً

That’s why ending in a song is the longing for infinity which is a desire for something never ending or as curiosity unfulfilled in man for centuries like today 🚀 NASA and Space x scheduled today for a historic launch to send two astronauts into space for the first time in nearly a decade. But the weather was unfavorable and it’s going to launch again on Saturday so who is waiting to hear and watch the T-Minus countdown music on may 30th at Kennedy nasa space center here in Florida?

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