Meritocracy! And “The American Dream”

“The land of opportunity”. There is a certain feeling in this sentence I often get a kind of impulse for which no word yet exists in any dictionary. It’s like a burning desire. A void that needs to be filled up with something. A heart full of doubts and vision of longing for greatness. Like a star in our galaxy not yet lit.ً As the dead is not even satisfied with its death it’s something beyond life and death more like a battle where the talent and opportunity stands face to face.

“Nikola Tesla” came to America to study electrical engineering and gave the world Gift of free electricity which is not free in its complete sense as a disappointment

Franz Kafka the Czech writer wanted to come to America as an escape and wrote a unfinished novel before his death as “Amrikaa”

Louie the 14th king of the France send all the criminals in jail to America to colonize and start their life anew

Black Africans were migrated by force on huge ships to America for cheap labour and slavery

Merit, talent and opportunity said “Malcolm Gladwell” in his book “Blink” that a pure genius who have all three possibilities then all he needs to succeed is to follow the “Ten Thousand hour rule” which means to give the amount of time and energy to some work you think will make a difference and contribute to something phenomenal in your capacity.

Many Europeans came to America and build their fortunes. But many still struggle to meet their ends meet I believe the opportunity is still there for anyone but they don’t see it or if one don’t get the opportunity then he must create one some how.

I didn’t come here just for mere need of a degree and to fulfil dire needs of market or money and wealth. I have artistic energy and my goal was to walk in the path of becoming an artist like “James Joyce” who left Dublin for the same reason.

Sometimes The opportunity is hard to find in your own native land because of the surroundings that’s why an artist always look for an escape he will rather live on streets and do his art then to suffer and having the artist in him murdered by his own very people.

I read whatever I can put my hands on and I volunteer for a non profit.ً I write for magazines and run my blog. I study my courses and and I have intention to get a PHD from Harvard. Who is going to stope me? Not even God have the courage to stop me? My ambitions are like the Hurricane that will destroy whoever comes in my way.

I have the insanity that every artist needs. I believe I have something great to contribute to philosophy as a whole in academia and continue that sacred tradition of all great thinkers that have inspired me some so long and that is my American dream that I am going to live.

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