Man was Born Free and No One has the Right to Keep Him In Chains!

Not even God has a right to silence a loose tongue that is why he give Satan his birth right of freedom to say and do whatever he wants. God even has no right to physically or mentally enslave a human being and if he does that then he is a tyrant and such powers must be opposed.

Creation of hell is itself a prove that the concept of god was to keep humans intact and have their wills submit to authorities. For what is hell to me? A coward’s act? a mad entity in power who thinks whatever he says must be obeyed even if it is wrong? for tell me what is point of making thinking beings who can actually think for themselves and giving them a free will and then telling them to obey blindly and tell them not to use their reasoning and all other faculties of human mind.

What is Blasphemy? 

A right of a man to say no to tyranny. A spit on the face of any supreme authority who wants nothing but want his subjects to submit their birth given rights for no valid reason. For what reason one may ask? For boosting a silent, impotent being created by some group of maniacs who thinks they knew everything?

humanity has lost its very common sense in thinking that they know everything! “No” humans know nothing at all there are still hidden isles of man to be discovered.

Man make these laws and man break them when he feels they ought to be disobeyed. New laws are then made. For what is a law? A generally and commonly accepted and socially approved statement for the community based on their culture and history to abide by that particular statement for making society run its engines smoothly.

What is the point? When that machinery is old and full of errors that causes unnecessary accidents for its citizens? why not replace those old rotten machineries we call laws, values and traditions with new and better ones that will serve the society better.

Man must stand up for his rights for the sake of 21st century and punish all those who are trying to solve 21st century problems with thousand year old philosophies and means of operating a society for humanities well being,

Man must stand up for his future generations and be a fertilizer for the seeds. For humanity now needs new schooling and the task is upon every thinker to teach masses who cannot think for themselves to make them think that our world right now is not the best of all possible worlds but it can be only if they start using their mental faculties to save humanity’s birth right to freedom of speech and expression.

I have felt oppressed by the society so I say “No” to the oppressor’s as a protest not fearing their outmost power whether be it God or any political or economic system.


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