A living Corpse! “Poetry” a tribute to “George Floyd”

All the living witness he is dead

Dead inside and and all over

Dead is his soul and body

Dead is his heart and the world

He is a living corpse!

A Loathing of the loathes

Dead are his words and his music

Dead I am why don’t you put me in Grave?

Dead he is to his loved ones

Dead he is like a dead tree

Bury my corpse before I smell bad

Throw my corpse in river before I decompose

Take whatever I have some books and writings

Burn them for I am a living corpse

Burn my living corpse at stake

For god sake we both are dead

Dead I am like George Floyd

Dead I am like a warrior in battlefield

Dead I am like the Achilles

Dead I am like Socrates

Dead I am like the insect humanity has crushed with his boots

Dead I am like the silence of the night

Dead I am like the morning glow

Dead I am like the sun set

Don’t Come on streets before you are dead too

The whole of mankind is dead with the death of George Floyd

I say if god doesn’t come down from sky consider him a living corpse too

Whole humanity is a living corpse like me

Don’t let the brutality of police bury our dead bodies

Let us wander the streets like living corpses

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