Duty of Submission to Civil Government

Thoreau wrote “Civil Disobedience” essay during Mexican-American war back in 19th century. He said simply two important things I feel I ought to share according to our current situation in America the covid 19 and the protests for George Floyd.

The government is best which governs not at all.” it means as to our common sense one man supposedly knowingly and consciously killed a man is not acceptable and we have right to protest peacefully And the outrage for fake corona virus which is made by our capitalist society to submit our wills to state is called state terrorism

God has destroyed many generation he often told us in his sacred scriptures let’s don’t sell the god here and be rational.

Orwell wrote that “ If you want future of mankind imagine a boot stamping on human face forever”

Police are nothing but gangs armed by your own taxes and wages. We have the power to resist their racist approach toward us

Masses cannot think for themselves they are like the water not yet sterilized or like the pied piper who rescue rats from the bakers shop into river which needs direction and a leader

and that is the very reason god never communicate to every individual but he needs prophets means a certain class of people who will spread his message through them how weak is God? A certain class of people creates class antagonism Which Marx wrote so the point here is this: God don’t consider us capable of receiving his divine message but needs specific class of people to tell us what to do and what not to do? Surely the bourgeoisie created the concept to divide us.

Seriously be reasonable now I don’t say the riots are Good but from chaos comes the order and if man is all by himself ones he acknowledge that he has the power to make his decisions rationally

You believe in your own self that is what Thoreau tells us about that you have your own conscience you don’t need the world or a holy book to tell you what is right and wrong?

A man has common sense and he can best judge what’s wrong or right and there he chooses his right not with masses but his own very existence with a little moral courage

So don’t submit your will to any authority but to your own free will and take control by peaceful resistance not violence as Thoreau did or Martin Luther king did.

Peaceful resistance is the solution not looting or violence that’s all I have to say if a man sits on road and run a hunger strike and make demands for what he wants from government next day it will happen

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