“Suicide ” A Rebellion against “God” and all that Exists.

One’s a man takes control of his life and decides where he feels his life ought to be ended concludes an absolute freedom of soul and he admitted that existence is meaningless and didn’t waited for world to do justice to him but give justice to himself. It is an emptiness one may feel while reading Albert Camus “Stranger”. The Noble Prize winner who wrote extensively on Suicide.

Camus wrote: “There is but one true philosophical problem and that is suicide”. He was right about that problem which amounts to answer the most fundamental question of philosophy

Dostoevsky treated his characters in the novel “The possessed” where a group of intellectuals try to bring new values to world where most of them committed suicide as a rebellion against all that exists.

Kirillov’s suicide in house of the dead novel where the internal discord between the rational decision to kill oneself and the irrational wish to live. Only when the will to live is totally subdued by the wish to die can one kill oneself without regrets or internal struggle.

A man kills himself when the terror of death becomes less terrifying than the horror of life. It happens when all the illusions are gone.

For Camus: “Dying voluntarily implies that you have recognized, even instinctively, the reason for living, the ridiculous character of that life, habit, the absence of any profound reason for living, the insane character of that daily agitation and the uselessness of suffering”. 

Logically life makes no sense in a world in which man is an outcast. The absurd man accepts reality.

For the absurd man suicide means the end of the desperate encounter between human inquiry and the silence of the universe.

According to Freud Psychoanalysis: The reason for suicide is instincts in man for self preservation and self-destruction.

For Anyone who commits suicide I have no clue why we humans do end their lives in such way but the reasons could vary on their phycological conditions.

The capitalist society consumes individual life in a very unjust manner. It shows that the individual realizes that there is no God and he as per his conscience accepts his death and all sins and crimes which is also an image of God as God says that he creates man in his own image so that was also god in Derek the Minneapolis police officer who killed an innocent man George Floyd.

Here Derek remains innocent therefore because if murdering and killing and rapes are also virtues of god instilled in man than it is not his fault to use those faculties. here by mere logic Derek loses all reasoning and commits Metaphysical suicide and ends his life with the killing of his fellow man no different than how Abel killed Can as a rebellion against all of mankind and their fake gods.

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