Hanging Leaves in my Yard “Poem”

From the tree rooted deep into the earth

Stands affirm with hanging Leaves out in my Yard

Rain falls far above from the sky

The droplets floats on the leaves like blood on its veins

It is like a child’s play some stay some take a slide

Slowly they fell on the ground like a man on parachute

How rain drops amazes me when absorbed by the soil

As a vacuum working inside the sold earth’s crust

There is a lucidity I observe in the manner of rain drops

One fell after another respecting each other’s privacy and space

Law and order is well maintained by the power of nature

Not once the latter tries to cross the former as we humans do

I dig down the soil where each drop fell with my bare hands

To feel the touch of wet soil and observe the beautiful ascending order

The perfect harmony

The more vividly I gauge my eye balls

The more obvious was the perfection of nature as a whole

One rain drop at once fell on the ground I pointed and saw

how quickly the first one goes down before the second coming

I interrupt the natural order by placing merely my hand and stop the latter drops

I see chaos then I slide my hand away now and then

Little Splash’s of water in my hand and a little dirt

That’s what a human being is made of

Mud and water

I Thereby sat and listen to Vivaldi spring 1 in E Major

I thereby sat and read poetry

I thereby imitate and write poetry

Forgive me if my words bored you

I have yet to find my voice

If you find it let me know!

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