New York Second “Poetry”

They say In a matter of seconds all could be changed

Have you ever heard about New York Second?

The second which is faster than a second

Have you ever been to Times Square?

People walk faster way too much than any other place

Just like that fast moving life of New York?

If you been to New York you will be changed in matter of Seconds

All that you knew before will fade away

New York second is the speed of light

New Yorkers travel with the speed of light

Hell yeah! I experienced New York second

I changed into many things in a matter of seconds

I was a rebel,

an iconoclastic,

a visionary,

an artist,ً

a literary sensation,

the next big thing

Just like the Empire State Building i reach the heights of sky

Just like the Statue of Liberty I freed whole of mankind

Just like Manhattan I became extra hatinnnn the old ways you love so much

Just like the New York library

I took the hammer and break all that was old and mediocre in me

The wisdom and extravagant life of New York

Changes in matters of New York seconds

Long live the New York seconds

Long live Brooklyn and MJ 420

Who’s Mj 420?

He is an artist,ً a New Yorker

Remember the Times we had near Dunkins?

Remember the girl we met in subway

You lifted her up like a pillow! You Monster!

Remember two Italian girls we failed to inspire in Bronx

New York second is what every artist needs to experience

In New York if your on Times Square

A stranger will come to you and say

Hey man your high?

You will look at him and he will pass you by in New York seconds

You will laugh and walk faster as faster You could

But you won’t catch a New Yorker

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