My Demons “Poetry”

Deep into his sleep he is possessed

Deep Into his dreams he is obsessed

Deep into his nightmares he is vexed

Deep into the night he seeks sun

Deep into his memories resides his demons

Deep into his sleep he is awake

Deep into his snoring his demons thus spake:

Take your mask off, You Imposter!

Face the abysss and stand on the cliff

To the mountains ye shall go

Seek what you seek not

Speak what you speak not

Write what you write not

Read what you read not

Think what you think not

Believe what you believe not

Love what you love not

Hate what you hate not

See what you see not

Leave what you leave not

Look into the abyss and fear not

Freedom and destiny is yours fear not

Deep into the unknown he walks

Into the abyss he shall find

Passions flaming and hearts blazing

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