In defense of Paris in Trojan War “Poem”

There was a man named Paris (Alexander) in ancient Troy

Who in a voyage to Sparta fell in love with Helen

Who was Helen? She was a fox, a women who lacks in their genes any sense of justice

Paris loved her so much that he lost his Troy and his life

What became of Helen? She lived ever more happily says Homer

I say to Hell with Helen and all exist in the form of women

Women should be avoided at all cost

In defense of Paris I call up on the slayer of all Prophets and Religions

Great Buddha who taught self control, self overcoming and truth

Buddha who alone defeated death and desire

In defense of Paris I say one should became a monk

Say the truth Buddha asked you from Nirvana?

Avoid women like he avoided the prostitute who came to seduce him

But in vain she put her bodily charm

Buddha defended whole of men’s morality and sense of integrity

When Nietzsche wept it was for a women

I say Nietzsche was the strongest moral being ever to be lived I follow him

Paris knew in his heart Helen was a trickster who faked her love for him

For what? For Troy? It was a conspiracy homer told for those who seek

I defend Paris who was a fool but at all cost

His sacrifice shouldn’t be forgotten

Avoid the disease and measles of mankind that is women

I loved a women who did worst then the women Nietzsche was in love with

I have called upon Buddha

We both are monks now and take long walks on mountains

We loved the intellect only and say let the evil of women be perished

There we depart I looked at Buddha

Buddha didn’t turn back but keep moving

Let us lived freely as real men

Let our desires be quenched

Let our humanity be saved

Let man fight feminism with philosophy of Buddha

Long live Buddha my savior

One thought on “In defense of Paris in Trojan War “Poem”

  1. i’m sorry who gave birth to you? A woman. Who holds the fate of the world in their hands? Woman. We have enough sperm to to repopulate and have male children who’ll treat us right, you have no idea what so many women do. No wonder you got dumped and cheated on. They probably dumped you for being a misogynistic asshole, and cheated with someone who actually knew how to do something other then rant.

    Who on earth gave you the idea that Helen was a fox? We are over 2000 years away from the time when the Trojan war happened and there are also telling’s of the story where Paris kidnapped Helen. Like bro, seriously, if you want to rant about shit online at least get your facts in order before doing so. Also you seem to have had a bad experience in the past but does that really mean that all women have to go to hell as you so clearly desire? Buddy, grow up.

    Love two 13 year olds who know more about mythology then you ever will. XX


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