A Drowned Smoker “Poem”

By river walk sits a smoker

In deep melancholy releases his puffs of smoke

The water sparkling from the street lights

Dizzy and wet blow of air

darkness visible on the surface of water

Like a black hole it eludes him with its gravity

There is no one but he by himself

midnight approached, somebody stop the clocks

just his cigarette and his soul

Lost in sorrows,ً he throws cigarette bud into river

A shock went through

interrupted silence of water

Wakes up inhabitants of river

What troubles? with this heathenism

Beautiful creatures in danger

cigarette bud floating

perfect calmness of river gone forever?

He didn’t think twice it’s alright as Dylan sings

He jumped into river

A chaos and a splash of water

He succeed in grabbing the cigarette bud

He smiles holding mankind’s disease in his hand

He don’t know how to swim?

Too bad, too late to figure out

He drowns into water like some giant force

Pushing his body weight inside

smoker in vain move his hands and feets

His soul was still free but body gave up

He soon realize he is losing his breath

soon he realizes! I’m I drowning?

quickly he swallowed the cigarette bud

there he drowns like Jack in a Titanic cinematic way

His Rose was his blues

Both drowned into a substance

Called water? A cosmic H2O

Blues into blues

Saved marine life for his life

Life for life and death for death

A Drowned smoker that nobody should know

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