Poetic Visions 2020

Like Odysseus I travelled across oceans

In the land of the free I have visions

Visions of heaven and hell

Visions of soul and body

Visions of platonic ideas

Visions of Socratic hemlock

Visions of Alexander and Raja Porus

Vision of Achilles and Hector

Vision of Romans and Ottomans

Visions of Mongols and Mughals

Visions of Irish Monks and French explorers

Vision of spirits of lost Indian souls

Vision of singularity and the beginning of all

Visions of Big Crunch and Cosmology

Visions of a seer and mystic

Visions of a Orwellian world

Visions of a brave new world

Visions of proletariat and the bourgeoisie

Visions of French and American Revolution

Visions of Zarathustra and Zorba and the Greek

Visions of Daedalus and da Vinci

Visions of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac

Visions of words and images not yet imagined

Visions of 2020 not yet seen or observed

Visions of Buddha and reincarnation

Visions of self overcoming and self defeat

Visions of a homeless helping homeless

Visions of poetry not yet said or written

Visions of winning poetic visions 2020 contest

Visions of traveling to Daytona to win next week

Visions of a thirst not yet satisfied

Visions of something in hand and out of hand

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