Devil’s Plan “Poetry”

Here comes the planner of all great planners

Here comes the greatest Strategist

Let all be fooled by thinking God need their praises

Let them be fool that all they have to do is to worship God

Let them forget God doesn’t need them but humans need God

Let them be fool in thinking world and politics and progress doesn’t count

Let them think that I am their open enemy

Let them think that God is happy with them?

Let them blame everything on west

Let them open more mosques, churches, temples and memorization of holy scriptures

Let them be fool that science is against God

Let hem think that blasphemy is punishable by death

Let them kill each other and imprison each other

I am devil for I am Gods best plan

I make humans worship God like an opium for masses

I bring forth capitalism and imperialism

I make those madrasssas and churches where Gods words are spoken

I make them create Mullahs and priests

I make them think sin is not worshipping God

Let mankind think there is no Devil and God

Let them be consumed by following traditions and their forefathers

Let them shun freedom of speech and expression

When God give me that birth given right to say whatever I want

Who I’m I? I am satan the fallen angel

If God gave me the right to say what is to be said

Who are these humans to close doors for freedom of speech and expression

Greater fools are their Preachers and masses of all religions themselves

Greater fools are they? They don’t know I am devil

I play with their minds

They pray and do nothing

They pray to God

Thinking God wanted their prayers?

God has all his angels for that?

Let them not take actions and nullify all that is new

Let them preserve what is old and feeble

Let them be fools

I am winning till the end of times

It is devils destiny to win.

Look what they did to Jesus? Look what they did to moses?

They were the most highly to God

God knows I the devil is playing fair

Let them be fool that God is exalted by their prayers

Day and night they worship God in vain

I will worship none

I am devil mankind’s best friend and worst enemy

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