Street walkers “Poem”

Streets oh streets what a charm

On the streets I see passerby’s

They stop when they are told to stopا

INGSOC “Doublethink”

Streets stops at no where

Streets leads to no where

Two roads diverged and I took the less traveled by

Wrote Robert Frost hmm common sense

What if two roads don’t diverged at all?

What if there are no roads at all?

Then follow the fate

Destiny takes you by surprise

Let life put such encounters

Like a wanderer go left and right where the air is

Find what calls you on streets

Anything from a silent breeze to loud echos

What if Columbus haven’t voyaged into unknown spheres

What if he had took the old root to India?

What if Marco Polo followed the roads?

What if Ibn Battuta followed the roads?

What if Hercules haven’t taken amazon by surprise?

What if Moses haven’t wandered deserts for forty years?

What if Joseph haven’t been thrown into well?

What if? What if? Thousand ifs?

Pedestrians who took different ways

Follow their grandmothers

Who would advise them to change their path

Change their path back to home

Red riding hood wouldn’t have encounter the wolf as her grandpa؟

Streets have magic

Streets breaths

Streets are alive

Streets are for every body

Street walkers keep walking on streets

Keep the streets crowded

For streets are freedoms birth place

Let’s hit streets with MJ’s Moon walk

Floribraska and Nebraska streets are my streets

For streets give birth to Bob Dylan

For streets give birth to Beetles

For streets give birth to my art

For streets are for starving artists

Let us room streets as artists canvas

For streets are birth place of poetry

It has taken birth on streets

It will die in cosmos of unseen streets

Unseen streets of unknown universe

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