Downtown Blues “Poem”

Watch tall roof tops of downtown oh beholder of words

Consider them mountain tops from far

Downtown Tampa oh downtown Tampa what blues

These buildings are like my sorrows

They stand strong to ground

The roads are like my minds landscape

Many unknown isles to be discovered

Many souls to talk too

Many places to visit too

A crowded spectacle of strangers

Homeless on street corners

Street art on walls

Sunny mornings and evenings

White girls, black girls, Hispanic girls, Arabic girls all kind of girls

What to make of them

Nothing but a breathing art gallery

Seated in cars Laborers goes home

Holding their beers they go to bed

Homeless perspective from the chair under the bridge

Nothing matters said James

Who used to sleep under the bridge for years

Nothing matters to homeless the world is meaningless

Now James is like my brother we give him new life

Sunny is like god to him

He will be soon back on his feet’s

Like all great cities Tampa is

Tampa has its beauty in everything

From weather to politics

From schools to offices

From governor’s tweets to snoring of homeless on roads

Down town blues jumbo bumbo

Downtown blues are like boom boom sauce

Down town blues in every heart

Down town blues at every liquor store

Down town blues in everything

River flows through my veins

Poetry flows through my retina

Art is to art what man is to man

What man is to man?

What life is to life?

What love is to love?

What alcohol is to alcoholic?

What homeless is to homeless?

What god is to god?

What Jesus is to Jesus?

What I am to myself?

What you are to yourself?

What downtown is to downtown?

What Tampa is to Tampa?

What sun is to sun?

What my lover is to herself?

What a heart is to heart?

What and what? Million what’s?

Say no more oh public humility

Let’s flame words for a thought to thought

Let’s hide behind words my blues

Let’s take another walk in downtown blues

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