Kashmir “Poem”

I was born when Kashmir was in blood

I grew up bleeding with Kashmir

I grew up seeking freedom for Kashmir

I might die liberating Kashmir

What is Kashmir?

A wound of a soldier in endless war

A cry of a mother in pain

A land between fire and water

That fire is Pakistan and water is India

The land suffer for nothing

Both can go to hell

Both are wrong

Both are benefiting from lives of Kashmiris

I used have a friend with nick name Kashmiri

He was from Kashmir full of pain an anger

I listen to his tears

They are tired of blame games

They just want their birth given right to breath freely

Like Palestine one day Kashmir will be free

It is the dream of every soul that sees

Dream of every sacrifice of sons of that soil

I might die with blood of Kashmir

I might die with this dream

One day Kashmir will be free

2 thoughts on “Kashmir “Poem”

  1. Kashmir will be free !! We Indians will all see … Pakistanis being pushed out of our house …,
    Justice we will attain ,
    Our rights, our life ,
    We will win ,
    The terrorists will die in front of our eyes !!

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