“My last Poetry” “Poem”

I call upon Plato the Slayer of all Poets

Why does Socrates hated Poetry?

Why did Plato exiled all poets from his republic?

Perhaps that is a good question at right time

Poetry is an opium of soul

Poetry is weakness

Poetry is expression of self

What good does that expression do to the artist?

Nothing? Plato was right there should be no poets

Courage and Wisdom is to what is to be done

Shakespeare poisoned my mind for years

Reject the weaklings of artists that is poetry

Be Nietzschean and write maxims

Write not at all if you can

This poem is last I shall say here and no more

If even words cannot reflect truth to the ones dedicated

What is the point?

This is the last you shall hear of me

The hatred of poetry is ignorance of my lover

Say no more

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