Omar Ibn Alkhataab “Poem”

Omer used to water his camels on deserts

Omer used to look at stars at night

Omer was a hard laborer

Omer was a dreamer

Nobody knew the unfortunate fate not even Omer himself

Omer’s political insights were greater than anyone

Omer was ahead of his generation

Omer journeyed to Syria and saw Byzantine rule

He saw Arabs against Arabs

Omer saw Arabs friendly with Byzantines

Omer rebelled against leaders of Mecca

Omer rebelled against the prophet

One day the nightingale cried like never before

One night the moon shed tears for the first time

One morning the sun refused to rise up on the sky

When Omer picked up his sword

It was Omer cold blooded

Omer’s mind was made up like steel

Omer went straight to prophet

What wrath, what evil, what mourning

Omer knew not but his courage was unshakable?

As soon as he saw the prophet?

Ask not how seas fled deserts?

Ask not how gardens were barren?

Ask not how long was that day?

Ask not how snakes ran out of their holes?

Ask not how fast camels ran on deserts?

Ask not what become of Omer?

His sword, his strength, hardness, his ego

Ask not how mountains screams that evening?

Ask not? Ask not o tears?

What become of Omer?

His heart melted like honey

His soul came to peace

His sword fell on ground

Omer went on his knees

Ask not what become of Omer?

I have not the courage to tell

History knows and men knows

He ruled half a world like never before

Not even a dog faced injustice

Not once he changed his old cloak

He slept on solid plateau

He ate little and say little

He never desired a palace or money

It was Omer my tears it was Omer Ibn alkhtaab

Omer was stabbed at his back then

That’s how enemy always attacks

Hold on O tears it was Omer Ibn Alkhtaab

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