Despair “Poem”

There is no one in despair as I am today

Troubles don’t look for me but I run for them

What is my life compared to a vermin

A laughing stock for the world

Read my words and know what despair is

Despair is longing for something impossible

Despair is the sound of seas rushing at shores

Despair is the redness of sky when sun is setting

Who is there to share my affairs

Who is there to share my burden except my words

Answers the unseen voice

No one not even God can stand such despair

Life of an imposter is doubly a lie

What is despair?

It is the beating of my heart

No soul as mine experiences this insolent existence and the world

The world is like a distant star

What to make of this world

A hollow dimness of air near the river

The silence of the tree is my despair

Speak by the name of lord that claims

Whose claims bear no evidence

But a loose history and loose scriptures

What is true seems to be false

What is false seems to be true

Death more sensible than life

Life more absurd than death

Despair I am in deep tears

The soul has tears in the form of despair

It bleeds from the wounds not yet made

It is oppressed by fate and logic

The soul is crushed by body

Body is crushed by soul

And soul is crushed by the sorrows

And the sorrows are my endless struggle

Striving to be what I am

Say less there is nothing more to share

No one understands when one is behind words

Pain is personal gain

of no ones business

I shall read Don Juan and sooth my being

End this meaningless expression it does nothing

My deep dark hollow depression

Is like the leaf floating on surface of water

So much to bear it only floats nor does it drowns nor does it moves

But see O eyes from my eyes

It dances in pain as my words are

Let the day light be gone I will be gone too

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