Thunder “Poem”

Lightning came first

The roar later

Rain falls faster than before

Air more denser

Clouds more darker

Minds more

More and more in emotions

Such terror of lightning

All ran under the shed

Every bird to insect hid somewhere

It barks again more loudly

Rains more and more

Like ejaculation of whole universe

A flush in the space

Pouring water

Humidity and freshness

Like my one step to another

One ladder to another

One foot to another

One idea to another

Light bulbs hanging like fruits

Roads washed like floor

Men wet like born again

Cars like angels and hipsters

Rooming here and there

I the rain is falling

I the lighting is sparkling

I the thunder is roaring

I the universe is speaking

Listen don’t panic o earth

Gifts of joy and summer

Spring is gone I summer have arrived

Welcome me don’t run away

Don’t you hide from me I am rain

I am your well wisher

An esteemed visitor until winter comes

Come out in rain

Hug me I have come for you o people

Play and dance with me

For I am rain your benefactor

Without me what are you?

If I don’t bark and roar up in the sky

You will be silent deserts among deserts

I am thunder welcome me

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