All Powerful God of Youth “Poem”

There is a God in me

It is the Youth and it’s unparalleled vigor

Listen O man on two feet’s

the God of Youth reside in you

It was the same God that led Alexander to Conquer the World

It is the same God that makes child prodigies

It was the same God in Mozart

It was the same God in all great hero’s

It is all powerful and great

It says Youth only comes ones in a life time

The God say “Living after forties is bad manners and vulgar”

Live all while you can and die young

God of youth condemns the old age

He hates the sticks and the wrinkles and dying on a warm bed

It says die in battle of life as younger as possible

dream the immortality

Dream the impossible

Achieve the impossible

But die young god while trying

Don’t get old you must not see yourself getting old

Live short but with higher goals

That is the only way to beat old age and death

Look at buddha how he defeated death

Follow the inner voice

Listen to the God of youth

Fight for your right

Exhaust all the youth before it’s too late

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