Running “Poem”

Run like the world is ending

Run until your out of breath

Run as a dog runs into your lap

Kiss the air and drink the sweat

Run until the soul cries

Run until your lungs came out of the chest

Run like your heart beats like never before

Run close to the danger

Run close to the death

Run away from life of comforts and bed rotten

Run like tanks bombing habits

Run the body like horse

Run until you don’t over come

The thought that it is enough

Enough is not enough

Let the adrenaline sky rocketing

Blood veins to be swollen

All power of youth must be exhausted

Feet’s, toes, knees must be in pain

All other thoughts must overcome by the pain in whole body

Pain is real gain

Run until whole body is drunk with pain

This is where one feels the soul not the body

The soul is forced to come out of its cave

When pain is unbearable

Pain then itself triumph pain

Suddenly body will be numb

The soul will embark like the first light in morning

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