Destiny “Poem”

Mystery of fate can never be revealed

It works in godly manner

The paradigm change

I studied only but now I experienced it

It is when you look for troubles

Walk out of the comfort zone

Live with homeless, laborers, in lowest of lowest possible poverty

Labor hard and meet ones end

At that point one never understood

But when we go on

Life offers more surprising opportunities

Like every fall have a rise

I have seen the worst

What worst can be facing death

Even worse then that is

When your ambitions keeps you awake

Alone you face the impossible

And when you move on from that time

You look back and smile

Nothing is more precious then new experiences

New friends and helping the homeless

I did and make the impossible possible

Miracle happen

I find stories to write

Soon the world will know

What truly education and learning is

What truly living is

What truly destiny is

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